They are on the run

I’ve read (I think in Lt. Col David Grossman’s book, On Killing) that most of the casualties in a battle are when one side turns tail and runs.  In a sense we have the anti-freedom gun banners on the run.  Check out these stories:

So if we want to make sure we don’t have to fight this battle again in ten years or our children fighting it in 20 we need to politically exterminate these anti-freedom extremists.  Continue with the studies and reports, repeal the stupid and oppressive laws, recruit new shooters, and most important get positive coverage in the mainstream media:

  • Send out press releases about your shooting event
  • Make the press feel welcome at your events
  • Be well prepared for the press with “designated hitters“ for them to interview
  • Thank the reporters and editorial writers when they do something right
  • Politely educate reporters and editorial writers when they do something wrong
  • Slap down gun owners that make us look bad

If you want some tips on dealing with the press send an email to me or Stephanie Sailor (the real expert).

We must drive our enemies deep into their caves then blow up all the exits.