I didn’t know how, but I did know it would happen

As I have been saying, the Republicans in Washington State have an insufficient lack of ethics to win a close election.  Now it looks like we know how the Democrats did it.  From Sound Politics:

It was last reported that there were 3,539 more ballots counted in King County than voters who cast them. The discrepancy is actually much larger.

The 3,539 is only the net. This comes from having roughly 1,500 more voters than counted ballots in some precincts, and about 5,000 more ballots than known voters in other precincts.

For some reason I find this incredibly funny.  I’m not sure why.   Gregoire is very anti-gun, I work in the state and probably will be living in the state in a few years.  Her election is very bad news for me.  Yet I find myself laughing.  Very odd…

The only thing that I can think of to explain my mirth is this is further evidence of the death throes of the evil party.  They are so desperate to maintain power they are willing to resort to blatant cheating.  And their getting caught at cheating, even if they get away with it this time, will further their well deserved trip into political extinction.