Second place in IPSC this month

Coming in second overall to Adam, who was shooting an open gun, was quite pleasing.  It was stage 3, which we shot last, where I lost the most points.  But even if I had shot it more in line with my potential I wouldn’t have caught up to Adam.  If Adam doesn’t make any mistakes, as he is often prone to, I can’t touch him in speed although I usually do better in accuracy than he does.  This time he was shooting an open gun which gives him about a 10 or 15% advantage right off the top and although there were lots of no-shoot targets available he didn’t hit any which is rather uncommon for him on stages like these.  He did make a couple mistakes however.  On stage 1 his time would have been at least one and a half seconds, if not two seconds faster had he not managed to insert an extra reload into it.  Notice that he already has the fastest time for that stage, 9.81 seconds.  He would have shot those 12 rounds, including one mandatory reload in right at eight seconds.  On stage 2 he forgot to “turn his television on” (his battery powered red-dot scope) which cost him probably two seconds but he still ended up with the best time.