It’s the time of year for entering Boomershoot

Last week I received entries from five people for Boomershoot 2005. Heather and Ed are coming down from Alaska again–following a great circle route that is a 2040 mile journey!  And in the last three days I got email representing at least another four people saying they were or had sent in their entries.  Just counting the actual entries in hand I’m running ahead of any other Boomershoot ever at this time of year.  It’s a good thing we have added more shooting positions or we would be full by the end January or the first of February.  As it is my guess is that we will just have enough positions to accomodate people.

Speaking of travel distances to Boomershoot 2005.  Kim du Toit is planning on driving with Son&Heir the 1950 road miles (1400 great circle mile).  Stephanie Sailor came over 2100 great circle miles last year and I expect will be here again this year, although it’s possible she will have moved somewhat closer by then.  And I believe one of the people that says he is coming lives in central Florida which is about 2250 great circle miles. I don’t want to hear people whining about “It’s too far away.“ when they tell me they won’t be attending. Especially with the great airfares available now.

And as these pictures demonstrate, without Mrs. du Toit around this year I’ll probably have to have one of my range officiers watching Kim extra close this year.  Not for safety violations but with a camera so I can subsidize the payback of all the personal loans I made last year for the new explosives magazine with blackmail income.


4 thoughts on “It’s the time of year for entering Boomershoot

  1. Joe, The Registration is in the mail. The hotel has been booked. Any advice on where to fly into? I am leaning towards Spokane.

    Also is there somewhere that we can send Ammo to as I will also be attending the Clinic. so I know from reading your posts that I will not be able to get that much ammo into my checked bags?

    I will probably be reloading my own rifle ammo by that time, if not black hills is what I will be bringing.

    I posted about the event on my site and put up a link. I have not a hope of getting 100 people to go to your site but would like to try.

    Not for any incentive mind you just for the fun of it. I already got Ben from reasonablenut to post about the event, though not quite as I would have wished. He is still learning about blogging and has been smacked down from time to time for using loaded words. He will get there I hope…

  2. Thanks for the links and the nice posting!

    I did a check on the number of hits you have generated so far and I can only find the one referral test of mine. I’ll keep you posted though.

    I’ll send you a private email about shipping the ammo when I get your entry.

    As far as air travel goes look at Spokane, WA and Lewiston, ID. Lewistion will get you within an hour drive of Orofino (where your motel should be) Spokane is about a three hour drive. Spokane will probably have cheaper air fare but you end up driving an extra four hours for that savings.

  3. I cross posted this just incase you did not get to reading my reply to your post.

    “Hum. After additional research a flight to Spokane is $220 and Lewiston is $400. Is the drive from Spokane nice scenery wise. I don’t mind 2 hours in a car one way to get somewhere as long as the view is nice… That third hop just gives the airline more chances of loosing my nice big aluminum case…”

    I don’t mind spending the extra 200 bucks if I have a nice drive…

  4. That time of year you will have “rolling hills” covered in green crops for scenery. I think of it as pleasant, but I grew up on a farm.

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