TSA gives tips for smuggling explosives

It’s not the intent to give people tips on smuggling things past the screeners but that is the effect as reported by NewsMax:

…the government has ordered airport security personnel to avoid touching female passengers between their breasts when performing patdowns.

Security screeners now will keep their hands to the “chest perimeter” of women unless detection equipment picks up the possibility that they are hiding explosives between their breasts.

The new method takes into consideration passenger discomfort while remaining steadfast in mitigating risks, said Transportation Security Administration spokesman Mark Hatfield.

The nation’s 45,000 screeners are being told to pat down the perimeter of the chest, backsides and abdomen, effective Thursday.

I suppose it makes as much sense as anything they are doing now.  Unless they are doing body cavity searches and completely disassemble all carry-on materials people will get things through anyway so I can’t see that it matters if they give terrorists a few “search free” zones on the outside of the body.

It’s all a waste of time and money.  It’s time to implement option 8 and use the saved resources for something more productive.


One thought on “TSA gives tips for smuggling explosives

  1. Heck, if they get too intrusive with the patdowns, the terrorists will just start surgically implanting the explosives. How much C-4 could you pack into the frame of a Carmen Electra or Pam Anderson?

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