bin Laden calls it WW III

And I thought I was the only one opening calling this World War III.  The recently released audio tape of Osama bin Laden has him calling it that also:

The statement, peppered with Islamic verses and poems as is customary of bin Laden messages, urged Muslims around the world to take note that the most “pressing issue” of the day is the “third world war” waged by the “Crusader Zionist alliance” against Muslims.

Emphasis added.


2 thoughts on “bin Laden calls it WW III

  1. Good point. I think a valid case could be made for that position. However you are the first I have heard call it that. And the “Cold War” didn’t have dozens of people getting killed each day and on some days thousands. This is a much ‘hotter’ war,and without daily casualties all over the world it’s a big difficult to classify it as a war in the traditional sense.

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