Bomb building in Belgium

Today I was doing my usual review of the logs for and saw a hit from someone trying to get information on building a specific type of bomb in Belgium.    That area of the world is increasing getting the attention of terrorists and I’m not surprised I’m getting hits.  I found an email address on this site: which appears (I don’t read or speak the language) to be the police and sent them the information I have.

I also sent them links to these images:

It would appear to me that the frequency of people searching for bomb building information might be useful from an intelligence standpoint.  When put in the context of other intelligence sources.  I’m hoping the Belgium police will take a look at the information.  The email I sent to the ATFE Inteligence Division had links to those same images and the images were never looked at (the only log hits on those images were mine).  I’ve decided to make the images more widely available in the hopes that someone will take notice and get the informaton to the right people.

A minor note on the September 2004 data–it is missing about 10 days of information and my ISP says he will reconstruct that month for me soon and when I have it I’ll update that image.

Update: The September 2004 data is now included in the 2004 image.