How many Islamic extremists are there?

With all the funerals and stuff going on here I was behind on things.  I think I’m caught up now. 

Technically this is somewhat old news but it doesn’t appear to be widely distributed.  I got the first pointer to this info from Jihad WatchABC News in Australia reports the following:

…researcher Saiful Mujani of Jakarta’s Freedom Institute now believes Indonesia’s Muslims are less moderate than governments and academics suggest.

“The rhetoric claiming that there is no problem in the society…to me that’s too simplistic, that’s wishful thinking,” he said.

The Freedom Institute’s survey of 1400 people across Indonesia, found that less than 60 per cent of Muslims disagreed with Imam Samudra and Dr Azahari’s bombing campaigns.

Sixteen per cent, representing tens of millions of Indonesians, agreed with the bombers and another 25 per cent refused to disagree.

“There is a significant number of Indonesians, at least half, [who] do not have a negative reaction to that and they agree with silence at least, or protect this kind of activity,” Mr Mujani said.

“The bombers” refers to the bombing of night clubs and hotels that have been killing Australians.  So at least 16% agree with the bombings and the actual number is probably closer to 40%.  If there are a billion Muslims in the world and the fraction remains constant worldwide (yes, I know, BIG assumption here) then that means worldwide we have close to 400 million people willing to kill us because of we don’t adhere to their religious beliefs.  This is very, very scary stuff.  That has exceedingly powerful implications for our future and how we must respond to it.  So why isn’t this a big topic for MSM in the US?  I thought maybe I just had missed it.  So I did a search on Google News.  My search terms were “Freedom Institute Indonesia”.  The only articles that referenced the study were these:

Nothing from anywhere outside of Australia.  Why is this?  Could this be the key (from the first article)?

 Details of the negative attitudes to America and Australia revealed in the survey have been held back by the US Embassy in Jakarta, which funded the poll.

The US Embassy in Jakarta held back the numbers?  The US doesn’t want this information known?  Am I missing something here?  Was the study obviously poorly done?  Was this viewed as too encouraging news for the extremists?

We are in the middle of World War III and I think it’s important to know the size of our enemy’s supportors.

Update @ 21:45: I did a search on, instead of, for  [“Freedom Institute” Indonesia] and found these:

Still no U.S. MSM reports.