Pre-meditated assault

In an article out of Scotland with the title of So what do you do when your home is burgled?  Is this incredible statement:

To this end it is perhaps important not to dwell on the situation involving Mr Martin because, regardless of the appeal procedure he successfully went through to secure his freedom, in many ways the law still points to his particular attack on the intruders who entered his home as a pre-meditated assault. He had previously been the victim of a number of burglaries within his home and as a result of this he was effectively prepared for further intrusion and reacted as such when his farmhouse was broken into again.

I’m aghast!  If you prepare for further intrusions into your home you are guilty of “pre-meditated assault”?  And what is it if you have your life insurance paid up and you get in a car accident and die?  Is it suicide?

So what is it you think this “expert” advises people to do if they are the vicitim of a “hot burglery”?  Get this.  He advises:

…the victim should adopt a state of active passivity.

I’m of the opinion that giving them the universal hand signal for “GO AWAY!” is more effective.


2 thoughts on “Pre-meditated assault

  1. I read this too, with the same reaction. Of course, this is the sort of ostrich mentality that caused the Limeys to have to appeal to their barbaric former colony back at the beginning of WWII.

    Remember? When sympathetic citizens all over the US sent their treasured hunting rifles and such to they civilized British bretheren so they could hold back the Huns. But then, looking at those times through today’s more enlightened perspective, I think we should have told the Brits to piss off and adopt an attitude of active passivity. After all, all the Germans wanted was to assimilate their economy and territory. No big deal – certainly nothing to premeditate murder over….

  2. I remember. And my thoughts are now “Never again.” And occasionally, like after reading that article, “Someone needs to liberate the British people.”

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