I picked up sister-in-law Susan at the Spokane airport today.  She started talking about politics, the war, etc. and I expressed my concerns about another attack on U.S. soil.  She wanted to know what she and her family could do to prepare for such an event.  Earlier today I had heard an advertisement on the radio from DHS.  I haven’t really looked at it very close yet, but I’m sure the people behind http:/ have put more thought into how to prepare than I have.  I suggest that website as a good first effort at being prepared.  In my quick look through the site I didn’t see any mention of a generator, firearms, or a geiger counter however.  I have all of those in my collection of materials for personal homeland security but those are somewhat expensive items and perhaps beyond the level of committment some people are comfortable making..


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  1. Joe, I’ve thought about getting a radiation detector for awhile – might be useful for rockhounding as well as monitoring Jihadist activity.

    What about the surplus 60’s vintage detectors? Sportsman’s Guide, for instance, has new in box, surplus 60’s detectors for $99. Do the detectors in these go bad or anything after prolonged storage?

  2. Certain electrical components do go bad over time. Some if they are used a lot and some if they aren’t used at all. As I was reading up on geiger counters I found places that were selling “tested but uncalibrated” old devices but other places (wanting to sell new devices) said to look out for stuff that had just been powered on to see if the lights and needles worked. Mine cost $300 and it’s calibration is good for a year. I also got a small sample of Uranium ore that I can do simple functional tests with.

  3. Good point. I know that capacitors can start leaking over time. If it’s worth getting one, might as well get something of current manufacture. Thanks, Joe! BTW – I need to get my Boomershoot entry in. Bob, myself, and the green tent will be with you again this spring.

  4. I can’t say “it’s worth getting”. I can only say that I am paranoid enough to get one.

    Glad you hear you are showing up for Boomershoot 2005. Ry and I have been working on it off and on for months now. It’s almost an obsession…

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