Another ignorant anti-freedom group

The berserk hunter incident in WI is a real tragedy but that doesn’t justify the anti-freedom crowd going berserk.  Here is a snippet:

“Over the years, we have seen that these military-style, semi-automatic assault rifles are the guns of choice for cop-killers and mass murderers,” said Jeri Bonavia, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort. “There is no good reason for hunting with a spray-fire gun, capable of `hosing down’ a target area. Military-style guns, such as the SKS, do not belong on our streets or in our fields and woods.”

“Semi-automatic assault rifle” is a contraction in terms.  All assault rifles are capable of fully automatic fire (even if only in burst mode).  I think what Bonavia meant was “assault weapon”.  However even that is questionable because the recently expired “assault weapon ban” did not cover the SKS.  By the definition used in Federal law it was not an assault weapon without some serious modification.  Furthermore it cannot be used to “spray-fire” (whatever that means) any more than any other semi-auto gun commonly used for hunting.

Their ignorance and hysteria would be fodder for a comedy routine if there weren’t so many people that took them seriously..