bin Laden has cleric support to use nukes

From Drudge (this link probably won’t last long):

Osama bin Laden now has religious approval to use a nuclear device against Americans, says the former head of the CIA unit charged with tracking down the Saudi terrorist. The former agent, Michael Scheuer, speaks to Steve Kroft in his first television interview without disguise to be broadcast on 60 MINUTES Sunday, Nov. 14 (7:00-8:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Even if bin Laden had a nuclear weapon, he probably wouldn’t have used it for a lack of proper religious authority – authority he has now. “[Bin Laden] secured from a Saudi sheik…a rather long treatise on the possibility of using nuclear weapons against the Americans,” says Scheuer. “[The treatise] found that he was perfectly within his rights to use them. Muslims argue that the United States is responsible for millions of dead Muslims around the world, so reciprocity would mean you could kill millions of Americans,” Scheuer tells Kroft.

Scheuer says bin Laden was criticized by some Muslims for the 9/11 attack because he killed so many people without enough warning and before offering to help convert them to Islam. But now bin Laden has addressed the American people and given fair warning. “They’re intention is to end the war as soon as they can and to ratchet up the pain for the Americans until we get out of their region….If they acquire the weapon, they will use it, whether it’s chemical, biological or some sort of nuclear weapon,” says Scheuer.

Keep in mind that the clerics have also given permission`to kill all Jews in Israel too.  That includes those not yet born–pregnant woman are valid targets because their children will grow up and be in the Isreali military.  And also that since Osama wrote an open letter to the U.S. telling us to convert to Islam or else prepare to fight that we have been given our chance to submit.  We have not converted to Islam so now was can be legitimately killed.  The Islamic extremists recognize no law except the law of their religion.

Sleep well.