Last week I missed a couple days of work because I was really dizzy.  No fever or anything, the world just seemed to be rotating in weird directions and angles.  I went to the doctor on Saturday who did a few tests and said it probably was an inner ear problem rather than some of the more serious things that were possible like a brain injury.  It comes and goes, sometimes I feel fine and other times I feel it’s nearly time to sit or lay down before I fall down.  Aerobics went fairly well last night.  My endurance seemed okay.  Balance wasn’t great but good enough to not be particularily embarrassing.

Probably the most interesting aspect to this is that Gina (at work) stopped me in the hallway a this morning and asked some questions about where I drank my water here at work.  It turns out several other people here have been having problems with dizziness in the last month or so.  They are trying to figure out a common cause.  Nothing yet.