Damn! I just love hearing them whine

The Brady Bunch are whining again.

Why wait until something’s legal to order it? One Illinois company is ready to serve America’s extreme psychotics right away. Have your credit cards ready.

Washington, D.C. – Tomorrow, there will only be 30 days until the assault weapons ban expires, and our nation will face a new era of criminal and terrorist attacks with assault weapons unless President Bush keeps his campaign promise and gets the law renewed. And some Americans are simply drooling at the notion of deadlier guns.

Whoo hoooo!!!  It’s such a pleasure to hear them crying.  Basically they are saying that ArmaLite should be prosecuted for gathering components ready to be built on a moments notice should the ban actually expire.  I wonder where they would draw the line?  Would it be okay to mine the ore for the guns prior to expiration of the ‘ban’?

And of course they can’t be trusted to tell you the truth about things.  Ignoring all the garbage about “era of criminal and terrorist attacks” the link they provided in their press release and letter to the ATFE leads to a page that says this:

1.  Full pre-payment, non-refundable.  No credit cards or credit terms can be accepted.

So the Brady bunch says “have your credit cards ready” and Armalite says they won’t accept credit cards for this.  So they don’t even care to check for easily spotted errors.  It appears they are so wound up about losing this battle they care even less about truth and getting caught at it than normal.  I need to go do a happy dance someplace.

I think I’ll send the Brady Bunch this photo of me using my ‘assault weapon’ when the ban expires:

What should I tell them?  Check out what I can do with my “assault weapon”?  Read all about my toys and hobbies in the October issue of Outside Magazine?  Keep sending out those press releases — I get the warm and fuzzies and end up buying another case of ammo everytime I read one?