I love listening to them whine

I read nearly all of the “gun violence“ postings on Join Together Online.  Most of the time they are condensed versions of news stories with an anti-freedom spin.  Occasionally they will have their own writers or a VPC or Brady Bunch press release or ‘report’.  Here is a story from someone who I believe to be one of the Join Together Online staffers:


With the recent passage of a “shall issue” handgun law in Ohio, the number of states that have eased restrictions on concealed gun carrying has risen to 35. But in the face of this onslaught, four heartland states are holding fast to their long-time laws that prohibit the carrying of concealed guns by people other than police officers.


Activists in these states say that the task of keeping shall-issue laws from passage is a difficult one, but as Bonavia stated during the recent legislative fight in Wisconsin, “Proponents of (concealed carry) laws claim that concealed weapons will provide individuals with an unparalleled means of self-defense while offering society an effective method of decreasing crime. Experts, scientific evidence, experience, and common sense contradict these claims.”

If it isn’t painfully obvious to them then surely it is to all rational people–if people legally carrying personal protection tools are a threat to society then why isn’t there data to support that conclusion.  Is the best conclusion their “scientific evidence“ can come up with is this?

… Stanford University Law School economist John J. Donohue has conducted an exhaustive study of the effects of all shall-issue states and found that these laws don’t reduce crime and may actually increase it.

The vast majority of studies show violent crime is reduced when people are not prohibited from exercising their inalienable right to self-defense.  They found one researcher who was willing to say it “may actually increase it“?  If it did actually increase it then with all the states recognizing peoples right to self-defense should provide lots of data to support that claim.  The data doesn’t exist and all they can do is whine about it.  It’s about time they had to come face-to-face with their lies.  It makes me smile.  If I didn’t know that these people won’t give up until someone, figuratively, drives a wooden stake through their hearts I would open a bottle of champagne and toast to their demise.  Anyone have some wooden stakes?  I haven’t had a glass of champagne in a long time.