Boomershoot 2004 is over

I slept 12 hours on Monday night.  10 hours last night.  Physically I’m feeling pretty good now.  The weather was (relatively) great!  A big plus there.  But I’m disappointed that a lot of the boomers didn’t detonate and that a lot of the fireballs failed to ignite.  We changed the target bodies, the mixing/grinding equipment, and added a very small amount of marking chemical to aid in determining if things were well mixed.  Other than that things were the same (we think).  So why the change in detonation?  More research is required…

Jason got some great video that I will need to “borrow” soon.  I have film in the camera bag that needs to be developed and Xenia has a bunch of digital pics to sort through.  Maybe I can get to it this weekend.


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