Generator is fixed — I think

The guy at the repair shop is an idiot.  If he had accepted any of my money I would post his place of business (he is the owner) here.  He replaced the fuel line, which needed replacing, but he routed it wrong such that when the throttle/choke lever was in the choke position it would pinch the fuel line off.  It should have been obvious because the lever wouldn’t go all the way into the full choke position.  He lost one of the screws that holds the housing on.  He didn’t position one of the hose clamps right and a different fuel line came part way off while I was working on something else and leaked fuel all over the steps to the house were I was working on things.  And he put a bracket on slightly wrong such that the kill switch would only be engaged if the throttle lever was in just the right position.  I rerouted the fuel line and had to cut three inches off of it so it would fit.  I adjusted the bracket, but I didn’t have any metric screws to replace the missing ones (one was already missing).  And I put the clamp on properly.  The generator now starts and runs just fine.  I’m a bit worried because choke doesn’t seem to be adjusted quite right.  After it is warmed up I used to be able to choke it enough to kill it.  I can’t do that now.  It will run richer, but not enough to run really ‘ragged’.  I’ll try it again tomorrow morning when it is cold and see if it chokes enough to start.


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