Tubes, lids, and glue

I spent most of the afternoon yesterday gluing the lids on one end of 3” long by 4” (inside) diameter tubes.  These will become targets for Boomershoot 2004Daughter Xenia glued a few on too.  We almost have enough of the 4” targets now.  We only need another 65 or so and that diamter will be done.  We still need to put the ends on 380 6” diameter targets and 180 8” targets but neither the tubes nor the ends have arrived yet.  I expect they will arrive this week or next.  I need to buy some more glue too.  We have gone through a lot of it.

I’m looking forward to the magazine inspection by ATFE inspector Sue this week.  Getting that taken care of will be the completion of another essential milestone on the path to a sucessful event.  Sue has always been fun to talk to and had useful suggestions too.