Kim and the pickup

I managed to keep Kim at home long enough to use the pickup for a couple hours.  I drove it about 200 yards when I noticed the oil pressure was zero.  I stopped and checked the oil.  It didn’t even touch the dipstick.  I found 1/2 quart under the seat and called Kim to bring the van so we could go get some more oil.  We filled it with oil and I showed her how to check the oil and add oil.  She claimed she didn’t know how to read the guages and that she didn’t know she needed to.  I’m sure she and I talked about it while she was in drivers ed but, in her mind, it wasn’t her fault.  There was no obvious damage done so Kim has her wheels back with instructions to check the oil EVERY time she puts gas in it.

During spring break I will get into a shop to see if they can’t get the oil leak fixed.