Crates and aprons for explosives

When I had the pickup this morning I picked up the last of the crates for storing explosives.  36 of them.  The magazine will hold 72 and I already had the rest.

I received 1000 plastic disposable aprons via UPS yesterday.  I found two different sources for them.  One source had a minimum quantity of 1000.  The other source I could by in single quantity.  I wanted about 50 or so, but for the price of 100 from the single quantity source I could by 1000 from the other place.  I got the 1000.  When we are mixing the explosives I want to keep certain chemicals off of people’s clothes.  The potassium chlorate in partcular is a very strong oxidizer.  If it were to get mixed in the fibers of someone’s clothes and they could burn up like a match head, a fire extinguish would be almost useless against such a fire because the potassium chlorage supplies the oxygen.  And with lots of cheap aprons workers shouldn’t be too hesitant to throw one away and put on a new one if it gets torn or something.

Boomershoot 2004.  A ton of explosives.  Fun beyond measure.  And most of all I want it to be safe for everyone.