Bush calls for Constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage

I listened to part of President Bush’s speech this morning.  Interesting stuff.


I’m glad he brought up the full faith and credit issue. He probably realizes that at least parts of the “Defensive of Marriage Act” could (should in my opinion) be struck down because of the “full faith and credit” clause in the U.S. Constitution (see the text of the speech for a little bit more on this).

I can’t see getting enough support (2/3 of both houses of congress and 3/4 of the state legislatures) to pass the amendment. So… my guess is that we will soon have a bunch of same sex people holding a marriage license and demanding the “full faith and credit” clause be enforced. In the case of the California licenses there may be some problems, at least for a while if not permanent, because of the law the voters passed against gay marriage. But in Massachusetts it’s inevitable it will happen.  While it’s possible almost anything can happen in any court, include the U.S. Supreme Court, it seems to me that the full faith and credit clause will most likely be upheld.  This will then give us people with concealed weapons licenses a lot of leverage in being able carry in all states and cities in this country and with “our bucket of water“ being carried by some of the anti-gun bigots that are actively trying to restrict our civil rights.

I know… a long chain of events each dependent on all the previous events but it’s a pleasant thought – a bunch of bigots having to face their own hypocrisy.


One thought on “Bush calls for Constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage

  1. i am doing a doing a debat about gay marriage where i have to oppose california adopting an initiative. well it sucks, just let all the carpet munchers do what they want and d#$k suckers to do what they want. i don’t care anymore. let them be as long as i don’t have to hear anymore about it

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