Quote of the day—Arthur

[Arthur suddenly laughs uproariously]

Gloria: What’s so funny now?

Arthur: Sometimes I just think funny things.

Played by Dudley Moore in the movie Arthur.
[Today I was reminded of this by co-worker Josh when he burst into laughter.

Barb does this too, perhaps even more frequently than Josh. And they, unlike Arthur, are not drunk when this happen.

They both spontaneously, without any apparent external input, burst into laughter.

I like that.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Lindsey Donovan

The seven Army Values are a part of my moral DNA. Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage are at the heart of who I am today.

These values serve as the backbone to every service member who has served or is still serving in our armed forces, and they deserve better than what our federal lawmakers have given them. Instead of protecting our most vulnerable veterans — men and women with severe mental illness — the House recently passed a bill that made it easier for them to get guns.

Lindsey Donovan
March 29, 2017
Disgraceful gun bill endangers veterans: Army vet
[She wants to “protect them” by making it illegal for them to exercise their right to self defense without due process? Has she forgotten her oath to defend the constitution?

I’m still sometimes amazed at how twisted the minds of these people are. They truly have crap for brains and/or they are incredibly evil.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Gatordoug

The gun control movement, like all movements of the Left lie, they have to because the truth is to the Left what holy water is to vampires, but it may be what I call the Cult of Gun Control that dives the deepest into the lying pool.

Keep in mind that the folks pushing these lies know they are lies, so, ask yourself what is their real agenda.

April 3, 2016
Does any group lie more egregiously than the Cult of Gun Control?
[Hmmm… That last line is almost as if they read my blog.—Joe]

Rounds in the last month

March was a busy month for me. I had hard drives fail on two different computers. The laptop was particularly painful when the Windows Home Server recovery utility didn’t support that hardware. I ultimately recovered everything but it took over a week of my spare time. The other hard drive only took a few hours of my time and lead to a simpler backup method which was nice.

Boomershoot tasks picked up too. There is still some space left if you want to sign up here.

Anyway, I reloaded 525 rounds of .40 S&W and ran many of them over the chronograph. This brings my lifetime reloaded ammunition totals to:

223.log: 2,424 rounds.
3006.log: 543 rounds.
300WIN.log: 1692 rounds.
40SW.log: 63,945 rounds.
9MM.log: 21,641 rounds.
Total: 90,245 rounds.

Quote of the day—Shaun King ‏@ShaunKing

Several psychologists have stated that the white male obsession w/ holding/shooting guns is compensation for small pensises & low sex drive

Shaun King ‏@ShaunKing
Tweeted on December 5, 2015
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Via a Tweet from Michael Z Williamson ‏@mzmadmike.—Joe]

America’s Rifle Challenge Event

I have been exchanging email with Chris Seidler who asked me to promote a rifle clinic in Nampa Idaho which Revere’s Riders is putting on. He is going to be promoting Boomershoot as the two events complement each other.

Here are the details of the AR event:

NRA America’s Rifle Challenge Clinic

June 24-25, Nampa ID Rifle Club Outdoor Range


clip_image002[7]Attendees will learn modern defensive shooting skills on the AR platform at an NRA America’s Rifle Challenge clinic.  Woven throughout the event we will address elements of a personal security strategy as well as historical vignettes illustrating the use of the short range marksmanship in American history.  Attendees will experience shooting in multiple firing positions at varying distances.

Firing in this course will be within 100 yards with a focus on the close quarters environment from 7 to 50 yards.  An AR-15 type modern sporting rifle is ideal, but any semiautomatic magazine fed rifle is suitable.

Required equipment: Appropriate carbine, 400 rounds of ammunition, at least 2 and preferably 6 magazines, two point rifle sling.

PRE-REGISTER ONLINE:  https://www.reveresriders.org/event/2017-jun-24-25-nampa-id/

Course Highlights

Sharpshooter Fundamentals

·         Shooting Fundamentals

·         Standing, Kneeling, and Prone Positions

·         Natural Point of Aim

·         Sight Adjustments & Zeroing Procedures

·         Vintage M1 Carbine WW2 Qualifier


Defensive Carbine Considerations

·         Carbine Role in a Self-Defense Plan

·         Mental Preparedness

·         Carbine Ballistics Considerations

Short Range Marksmanship Skills

·         Situational Awareness and Scanning

·         Rapid Magazine Changes (Tactical Reloads)

·         Short Range Marksmanship Techniques

·         Clearing Malfunctions/Stoppages

·         Emergency/Speed Reloads

·         Special Subjects:   Zeroing Carbines & Rifles, Carbine Trajectory and Zero Issues, Barricades, Movement, Firing from retention, Field Stripping & Cleaning the AR-15

·         Carbine Skills Test


The clinic will be led by Revere’s Riders master instructor Christopher Seidler, a certified NRA rifle and personal protection instructor and chief range safety officer. He has coached at the CMP’s Small Arms Firing School at Camp Perry. Chris has deployed multiple times to Afghanistan including combat experience and led antiterrorism/force protection efforts; he currently instructs at the Air Force Weapons School.

Quote of the day—Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership

The Centers for Disease Control, in a September 2011 report titled Noise and Lead Exposures at an Outdoor Firing Range—California, documents the importance of hearing protection in shooting. It determined that noise levels above 160 decibels are routine at gun ranges and how even repeated exposure at lower decibel levels can be as damaging as fewer exposures at higher levels. It recommended “double protection” (i.e., earplugs and earmuffs used together) as the best currently available protection. But it noted that

The only potentially effective noise control method to reduce students’ or instructors’ noise exposure from gunfire is through the use of noise suppressors that can be attached to the end of the gun barrel. However, some states do not permit civilians to use suppressors on firearms.

[Emphases added.]

Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership
March 2017
Position Paper in Favor of Firearm Suppressors to Prevent Hearing Loss
[The anti-gun people who claim:

There’s no evidence of a public health issue associated with hearing loss from gunfire.

Are lying, as usual, because that is the best they can come up with.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Jonathan

The two pertinent rates – the number of firearms per capita versus the number of firearm-related fatalities per capita – correlate with a coefficient of -0.79744, indicating a strong, negative correlation between the two sets of data.

If you look at the raw numbers – the number of firearms, period, versus the number of firearm-related fatalities, or “gun deaths” – they correlate with a coefficient of -0.27315, which remains a negative correlation.

As always, correlation does not necessarily indicate, or even come close to proving, causality; but I am also not trying to prove causality.  However, the notion of “more guns = more ‘gun deaths’” does try to claim causality, when there is absolutely no positive correlation to support such a causal link.

Therefore, the hypothesis of “more guns = more ‘gun deaths’” still cannot be true.

March 22, 2017
graphics matter, 2017 edition
[And this is why the anti-gun people have to lie. They should be arrested and prosecuted for conspiracy to deprive people of their rights.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Tirno

The best result for the progressive is that you get mugged, assaulted or murdered without resistance, then the perpetrator is captured, tried and convicted by the state, and it is made perfectly clear that you need them. Then the perpetrator is subjected to some hand-wavy correctional action, declared by the state to be redeemed, then released to either be a good ward of the benevolent state, or to offend again and continue to the cycle of you needing them.

March 30, 2017
Comment to Quote of the day—Rob Morse
[Great insight.—Joe]

Don’t be evil

Interesting. At least, i suppose that’s one word to describe it.

This morning before I went to work I was at home looking through the news and such, and I came across a video that I though might be interesting to one of my students. I watched a few minutes of it to make sure it was what I thought it was, then paused it and went to work. There I searched for it, found it, and clicked the vid to que it up for my student. I hit play, and it picked up at the exact same spot I’d paused it… back at home.

Different machine. Different network and ISP. Different browser. Different OS.

It knew exactly where I’d paused.

Nah, nothing there to be creeped the fuck out about, nothing at all.

The ONLY connection that I could identify was that for work we use Chrome machines, and are given all things Chrome to use, including (of course) GMail. To look at work emails and schedule at home I’d opened up my gmail account and a shared spreadsheet. It was opened in the browsers in both places.

Different machine. Different network and ISP. Different browser. Different OS.Both had an email account opened in one tab, it tracked what was going on in other tabs and browsers when I don’t use Google search at home.

Like I said, nah, nothing to be bothered by, right?

I will not now, nor ever, buy or use any Google product that is not provided by work, and I’ll never again open their applications on my home machine if I can possibly help it.

Quote of the day—Rob Morse

The antipathy towards gun owners is not based upon stopping violence, but upon reducing the discomfort felt by idealists.  For the idealist, letting society take the burden removes both the duty and the emotional cost of facing an imperfect world. For the idealist, protecting the fantasy narrative is more important than respecting the facts.

Rob Morse
March 27, 2017
Violence and Utopia- Realism and Idealism in the age of Gun Control
[This is probably fair to the majority of the anti-gun people. But, I wouldn’t use the word “idealist” to describe a large minority of them.

“Idealist” is far, far too generous to those in power who know and understand the facts. They want a monopoly on power and the existence of a large number of gun owners are an obstacle to them.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Ted Nugent

In this world turned upside down, where certain lunatic-fringe Americans are against secure borders, don’t believe in earning their own way, won’t care about their health but demand others pay for their health care, where crazy politicians rant how bills must be signed to find out what’s in them, and where everybody knows that the most innocent lives are always lost in gun-free zones, dangerous people actually want more gun-free slaughter zones.

Ted Nugent
February 23, 2017
[The motives of knowledgeable people advocating for more “gun-free” zones cannot be more clear. It is evil.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Rachel Dolezal

People didn’t seem able to consider that maybe both were true. OK, I was born to white parents, but maybe I had an authentic black identity.

Rachel Dolezal
March 24, 2017
Rachel Dolezal struggling after racial-identity scandal in Spokane
[And maybe I’m standing upright and on my head at the same time.

It’s not surprising that she changed her legal name in hopes it would help her get a job. But, “Nkechi Amare Diallo”? And then she tells the AP her new name?

The political left not only is the party of criminals it’s the party of the mentally ill (see also my post on Peterson Syndrome)..—Joe]

When does recoil start?

Cool posting on “when does recoil start?”

When Does the Pistol Slide Start to Move?

It has some pretty good gif/animation and explanations.

Short version: once the bullet starts moving, Newton’s laws kick in. I think one of the most fascinating part of the animations is the smoke spurts; the 1911 has some at the breech, too, but they all have smoke exiting the barrel before the bullet. Cool stuff.

Quote of the day—Andrew Heaton

We threw the baby out with the bathwater when we kicked the monarchy out of America, and we ought to bring it back.

In America we’ve combined power and reverence in the office of the presidency, but legal authority and veneration compliment each other about as well as Scotch and back pain medication. It’s safer to ingest them separately.

Andrew Heaton
March 18, 2017
Why America Needs A Monarchy
[I find it hard to disagree with this point. There many be some interesting psychology going on here that could be affecting politics adversely.—Joe]