The story of how CHAZ was created

Read the whole thing. This is just how the terrorists won the last battle and created CHAZ.

A Shocking Eye-Witness Account Of What’s Really Happening During The Seattle Riots

SPD must have had some really good intelligence, or they were anticipating Antifa’s response from Durkan’s concessions. They installed permanent metal barriers at the intersection of 11th St and Pine St. A second line of barriers was also in place in between us and the initial barriers at the intersection. Everything kicked off per usual, with the “protesters” trying to provoke us with their words, umbrellas, and signs. This time, though, we didn’t give them an audience. We all stayed inside the East Precinct, as they did their normal agitation methods at the first barrier.

Suddenly, we were told the “protesters” began jumping the first barrier, heading towards us. We rushed out to the road and staged roughly 1/3 of the way up the block from the intersection of 11th St and Pine St, creating a large safety buffer between us and the “protesters” who had jumped the fencing. They were warned to return over the barrier, which they didn’t. They then began disassembling the barrier. They were warned not to disassemble the barrier, but they continued. They then walked towards us. They were warned to stop, but they didn’t. They continued walking towards us. They were warned again, but they continued. They reached the second barrier.

We later found out they brought a plasma cutter (blow torch) to cut through the barriers… (not that they are the provocateurs, or are planning to escalate, right?!)

They began cutting barriers so they could be used as weapons against us. They were warned about cutting the barriers, but they continued. They then picked up the second barriers and began walking towards us. They were warned again not to move the barriers, but they continued. They then jumped the last barrier. They were warned again to turn back, but they continued towards us. As they continued to approach, they were continuously warned. HOW MANY WARNINGS DOES IT TAKE?!

It started to get dark… The portable lights were turned on. The “protesters” then produced foil covered signs and were trying to blind the Officers and Guardsman. They were warned again, but they continued. They then threw a glass bottle at a Guardsman, the glass bottle shattering on a riot shield. They were warned again, but they just booed at us. They continued to walk slowly towards the Officers until they were within 2-3 feet. They then started using their umbrella’s and other objects, putting them in the face of the Officers. They were warned again to not do that.

As expected, objects were then thrown at us. They amplified things, this time. Instead of throwing glass bottles containing urine and other bodily fluids, they began throwing glass bottles full of gasoline. They then lit and threw fireworks at us, trying to light us on fire.

FINALLY the SPD Administration gave the green light and LESS LETHAL forms of riot control were deployed. As objects were continued to be thrown at us, SWAT finally deployed CS gas. The “protesters” proceeded to start vandalizing everything in the area. They smashed business windows, burned U.S. flags, lit dumpsters and other items on fire, and threw things on fire at us. We pushed them back in all directions about half a block but for some reason, we stopped pushing them back. They then regrouped and continued to vandalize the area with spray paint, breaking windows, and lighting things on fire. Around that time, the Guard was pulled back and we left East Precinct.

My big takeaway from this is also an observation made by, IIRC, the Bellevue Chief of Police after the Bellevue looting a couple weeks ago. The terrorists are well organized. This is not some impulsive, spontaneous, outburst of rage.

The organizers, in particular, must be tracked down and punished.

Quote of the day—Sarah A. Hoyt

I’ve said before that the left in the twenty first century seems to have a curious form of autism, in which groups are essential, and people who belong to groups are interchangeable widgets.

Not only that, but they have the duty of being interchangeable widgets. How else do you explain the left calling someone a race or gender “traitor” for not thinking exactly the thoughts the left assigned them?

This is a great part of their mind reading schtick. If you oppose them, they know that you wish for the exact opposite of what they claim to want, and therefore you must for sure want the opposite.

So, say you say something like “Sure, we should encourage girls, but we can encourage boys too.”  Because — being binary — by “encourage girls” they mean “promote female supremacy” they KNOW that you want to promote male supremacy.

Keep pushing, leftists.

The backlash from this is going to be epic.

And you’ll never see it coming.

Sarah A. Hoyt
June 10, 2020
The Binary Mind of the Left
[Interesting observation.

This is a least partially consistent with my claim the political left has all the characteristics of an individual with a personality disorder. In this case it’s the parts about them thinking they can read your mind and “black-and-white” thinking (“binary mind” in Hoyt’s post). That is common in Borderline Personality Disorder. Some of these other characteristics are a good match too:

Here are some of the ones that really jump out at me:

People with BPD often engage in idealization and devaluation of others, alternating between high positive regard for people and great disappointment in them.

They “throw people under the bus” at the first hint of “betrayal”.

People with BPD act impulsively because it gives them the feeling of immediate relief from their emotional pain.

Riots anyone?

People with BPD tend to have trouble seeing a clear picture of their identity. In particular, they tend to have difficulty knowing what they value, believe, prefer, and enjoy.

Principles? They have no clue what your are talking about.

BPD is related to lower functioning and disability…

Look at the demographics. Poor, unemployed, and even unemployable.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Douglas Wilson

It is conceivable that Biden might win. I don’t think he will, but it is not exactly inconceivable. Right? But even if he loses big, almost half the electorate will have voted for him. Our country is deeply divided, and the people on the other side of that division will brook no opposition, no dissent, no variation. Their organizing principle is simply viciousness. So if that electoral result happens, and Biden or his replacement takes office, what we have been seeing will only have been the overture to the full fun times oratorio–music by Schoenberg, lyrics by the Unabomber.

Against such a prospect, may the good Lord deliver us, but the only advice that I would give for preparing for that scenario is to buy guns and ammo.

Douglas Wilson
June 8, 2020
The Floyd Riots as a Clear Summons for Four More Years of Trump
[Via daughter Jaime.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Adam Carolla @adamcarolla

Strange times. You can do nothing and be a racist or you can burn down a market and NOT be an arsonist.

Adam Carolla @adamcarolla
Tweeted on June 8, 2020
[I would say the world has gone insane. But I think it’s more like the thin veneer of sanity has been peeled off.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Thomas Sowell @ThomasSowell

People sometimes ask if I have tried to convince black “leaders” to take a different view on racial issues. Of course not. I wouldn’t spend my time trying to persuade the mafia to give up crime. Why should I spend time trying to convince race hustlers to give up victimhood?

Thomas Sowell @ThomasSowell
Tweeted on June 7, 2020
[See also Reality is difficult.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Lauren Footman

The disease of racism spreads in an America where justice, fairness, and the rule of law do not work for everyone. The system is not broken — it is working exactly the way it was designed to. This is the same system that first enslaved Blacks, then segregated Blacks, then imprisoned Blacks, and now blatantly kills them.

Lauren Footman
May 2020
CSGV Responds to Unrest in Minneapolis and the Arrest in Killing of George Floyd
[What? Please show me where, in the U.S. Constitution and/or Federal law, it is “designed” to spread “the disease of racism”.

One has to wonder what color the sky is in Footman’s universe. She’s working for CSGV (Coalition to Stop Gun Violence) and, as we know, delusions are common in the anti-gunowner crowd so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the delusion extend into this context as well.

But more likely than Footman being delusional, is that she is deliberately trying to destroy our country. Anti-gun as well as insisting the country as designed is fundamentally at odds with equality before the law can only mean one thing as far as I can tell. She wants a completely new design for our country. And the quickest way to accomplish that is to destroy it.

Fanning the racial tension flames, without evidence to support racism was even an issue in the precipitating event, is worse than actual racism. It’s deliberate deception which directly lead to the deaths of dozens of people and 100s of millions of dollars in property loss. It’s easy to conclude this is by design.—Joe]

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ)

There has been some blog and reddit posts about Antifa taking over part of the Capitol Hill area in Seattle:

There are a few conventional media stories but not many:

As I reported some of the links people have been sending me and what I have read on the blogs Barb kind of rolled her eyes.

25+ years ago Barb lived on Capital Hill. For another 20 years she worked not far from there. She describes the people who live there as “in transition”. “They’re mostly young and trying to figure out who they are.” That some people moved some barricades isn’t all that much out of character for that demographic. They think of themselves as revolutionaries but it’s more of an extended teenager rebellious phase they are going through.

Today I visited CHAZ. It’s kind of a nothing burger. I half expected checkpoints with masked armed people and snipers in windows and on the rooftops. I brought my telephoto lens and planned to take pictures from a block or more away. I worried about someone seeing me, multiple people flanking me, taking my camera, and/or hurting me. I hid my camera under my loose fitting flannel shirt.

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Quote of the day—Ashley Varner @AshNVarner

The gun range is not a good first date… if the girl shoots better than the guy.

Ashley Varner @AshNVarner
Tweeted on June 7, 2020
[I figured we needed something on the lighter side of the spectrum for today. We will return to our regularly scheduled depressing observations of our current situation tomorrow.

I could see Ashley’s assertion being true in the general case. I would like to think that if my first date with a woman demonstrated she was a much better shooter than me I would have been inclined to propose on the second date.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Dave Smith @ComicDaveSmith

I don’t feel like the divide in the country is left vs right. It’s not authoritarian vs libertarian. At this point it’s sane vs insane.

Dave Smith @ComicDaveSmith
Tweeted on June 3, 2020
[Reality is difficult. It is also difficult to distinguish people without a solid understanding of reality through lack of effort and/or ability versus with those who are actually disconnected from reality due to mental defect.

Something most people don’t understand is that large numbers of people can share the same destructive delusion. Nazism and communism are probably the two most well known examples today but the example are countless and go back thousands of years in human history and almost certainly prehistory.

There is a mass delusion going on all around us. I have no idea how to connect these people to reality. It may not even be possible. Perhaps it will have to burn itself out. Perhaps it will have to be destroyed by those who are more sane.

I believe we are living in a remarkable time and place. A time and place that will be noted in history books for decades if not centuries.

This may be The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy. It may be something else. But it is something more than I have ever seen before and I remember the 1960s.—Joe]

Facebook’s ‘Ban The NRA’ page

The NRA is the nations oldest civil rights organization and there is a Facebook page with the name “Ban The NRA”. I find it interesting that Facebook allows this. Would they allow a “Ban Black Lives Matter” page? How about a “Ban Muslims” page?

Perhaps so. I’m certainly not inclined to test it and find out as I don’t have an interest in participating in that sort of movement.

It appears the ‘Ban the NRA’ page is open for anyone to comment on. Perhaps free speech is welcomed.

The rifle that wasn’t

From a private group on Facebook:

Had a helluva time zeroing it at 25m, and at 100m it was all over the place. And some of the holes on the paper looked wrong…some of them were kind of…oblong. He’d bought some really cheap ammo online, so we were suspecting something was amiss with the ammo. Perhaps reloads sold as factory made. Then we got back to my place, he pulled the upper off, looked down the barrel, said it looked kind of funny. So I looked down the barrel. Then I quickly took my AR apart so I could look down it’s barrel. Then down his barrel again. Then mine, then his.

It’s a fucking AR15 *smoothbore*.

No photo description available.

The targets are from 25 meters. The one on the left is the smooth bore. The one on the right is a normal rifle.

I’m sure the “rifle” owner is far less amused than I am.

Gather evidence for the trials

Via Milo we have news confirming it’s time for the adults to take charge (see also here and here):

A group of Minneapolis City Council members have announced their intentions to proceed with disbanding the city’s police force.

Council president Lisa Bender made the announcement at a Black Visions Collective and Reclaim the Block rally at Powderhorn Park Sunday, just blocks from where George Floyd lost his life at the hands of police on May 25.

Bender says that the plan is to “end our city’s toxic relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department.”

“It’s our commitment to end policing as we know it, and recreate systems of public safety that actually keep us safe,” she said.

One could make the case these people have carefully reviewed the history of the police in our country and others, decided the early 1800s skeptics were correct and we should go back to volunteer or privately paid watchmen and inspectors rather than a publicly paid professional organization.

Anyone making such a case would risk a charge of manslaughter as I might laugh myself to death upon hearing such a claim. The political left is composed of some of the most ignorant people I have ever met. Among other topics they appear to have no knowledge of relevant political history and/or how it might apply to the present day. The history of professional police forces? No. There is not any possibility of them taking that into consideration in this decision.

One could make the case these people don’t understand what they are doing. They don’t understand that the police actually provide a justice system for criminals rather than have them exposed to mob justice. Mob justice has no due process. Mob justice has not right to be represented by a lawyer. Mob justice has no consistence and proportionality of sentencing. Mob justice results in false accusations leading to being beaten to death within hours.

Maybe they merely clueless. Assuming no evidence to the contrary, at their trials they probably could claim to be useful idiots and get a lighter sentence.

The case could also be made these people know exactly what they are doing. This reminds me of the Sullivan Act. They are deliberately enabling criminals to prey upon innocent citizens.

You don’t think so? Look at the history of the Sullivan Act in the link above. They knew what they were doing.

As incredible as it might seem, they could be deliberately engineering the end of our constitutional form of government. We have people openly stating this is their goal. While I’m not entirely convinced this is the case for everyone advocating the apparent insanity I am certain it is true for many of them. And because of this people should be gathering the evidence for their trials.

Quote of the day—Milo Yiannopoulos@m

I fully support disbanding the police because it’s the only way to save the Second Amendment.

Milo Yiannopoulos@m
Posted on Gab June 7, 2020
[I’m inclined to disagree with the assertion “it’s the only way”. But, I’m willing to discuss the plausibility it is one way.—Joe]

Men are drawn to borderline personality traits in physically attractive women

Via email from Barron. He says he laughed. That’s understandable. I didn’t laugh. That should also be understandable:

Those with borderline personality disorder have problems regulating emotional impulses and often experience rocky relationships. But new research suggests that many men find traits associated with borderline personality disorder to be appealing in physically attractive women. The study has been published online in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

The research was inspired by a viral parody video, in which a man provides scientific-sounding advice about the relationship between a woman’s physical appearance, personality, and her dating appeal.

“I had stumbled across the Hot Crazy Matrix (HCM) YouTube video and was struck by its popularity and media coverage it had attracted. It got me thinking about why it resonates with so many people,” explained study author Alyson Blanchard, a senior lecturer at Bishop Grosseteste University.

More information on HCM is available here.

If you think you may be dealing with someone with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Read this book:

It changed my life.

Quote of the day—Jair Bolsonaro

Look, how easy it is to impose a dictatorship in Brazil, how easy it is.
The people are locked in their houses.

That is why I want, Minister of Justice and Minister of Defense, that the people arm themselves.

That’s gonna ensure that no motherf*cker is going to show up and impose a dictatorship here! Because it’s easy to impose a dictatorship here. Too easy!
A f*cking mayor makes a f*cking decree, handcuffs people and keeps everyone at home! If they were armed, they’d go to the streets!

And if I was a dictator, I’d want to disarm the people! Just like all the others’ disarmed people before they imposed their respective dictatorships.

That is when our demonstration, and I ask that Fernando and Moro sign the ordinance today…

   (Fernando Alveredo, Minister of Defense)

Because I want to give a f*cking message to these *ssoles, on why I’m arming the people. Because I don’t want a dictatorship here! And it can’t be postponed anymore!

Alright? It can’t be postponed anymore!

Whoever doesn’t accept my ideals, Damares…

   (Damares Alves, Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights)

Family, God, Brazil, guns, freedom of speech, free markets… Whoever doesn’t accept that, is in the wrong government.
  (A message to his Ministers not stepping up due to not supporting such ideals)

Wait until 2022 Sir Avaro Dias? Wait for Alckmin? Wait for Haddad? or maybe Lula, right?  And you can go and be happy with them.

In my government, you are wrong!

It’s to blow it wide, the gun question here!  I want everyone armed!
Because an armed people will never be enslaved!

Jair Bolsonaro
President of Brazil
May 22, 2020
Brazil’s President Bolsonaro: “An armed people will never be enslaved!”
©2020 by Dean Weingarten
[I wonder if Brazil would be a good place to retire. Is Portuguese difficult to learn for an old guy who has only learned one language?—Joe]