Quote of the day—Devin Nunes

We will be making criminal referrals in the coming weeks against the Mueller team. We’re just now putting that together.


This started as a dirty campaign operation run by the Clinton campaign. At some point they got dirty operatives involved, including the dirty cops.

Now, remember, in the middle of 2016, the dirty cops that are involved, it’s almost impossible to believe it didn’t reach the highest levels of the Department of Justice, when they opened so-called Crossfire Hurricane.

Devin Nunes
May 25, 2020
GOP ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee
Top GOP Lawmaker Says There Will Be ‘Criminal Referrals’ Against Mueller Team
[We live in interesting times.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Don Kilmer @donkilmer

Obama might have started out as a likable, naïve socialist.

But he became the inevitable state-worshiping fascist that is always necessary to sustain socialism in the face of its inevitable failure and devastation.

Don Kilmer @donkilmer
Tweeted on May 21, 2020
[This may be giving Obama more benefit of the doubt than he deserves, but that doesn’t change the correctness of the conclusion.

As my friend Eric E. once described it, “Socialism is like a piece of candy which, years later, causes terminal cancer.”—Joe]

Achievement unlocked

My USPSA Range Officer certification expires on June 30th. I took the test today to recertify and passed:


Shortly after I started the test I received the following email:

2020 Berrys Bullets Area 1 Championship
Area 1 WILL CONTINUE AS SCHEDULED! There will be some protocols in place to help ensure current governing social distancing guidelines. The most notable, for competitors, will be assigned schedules for gate entry and walk through opportunity. Competitors will receive a future email with the assigned schedules and printable gate entry pass that corresponds with schedule. We are asking that competitors limit guests to one guest per competitor. We are looking forward to forward to seeing everyone and there are still rooms available at the following match hotels, which have graciously extended the cut off date to June 19th…

I signed up for the Area 1 Championship several months ago but due to working extremely long hours at work for several months, combined with the Corona virus lockdown, I haven’t practiced since about the first week of January. I’m going to have to remedy that in a big way or else plan on an extremely dismal performance if I participate in the Area 1 Championship Match.

Quote of the day—Tim Pool @Timcast

Trump did not create it, Trump was the product of it.

As the media lied and pushed absurd attacks on common people the collective anger pooled until it eventually found its champion.

Trump is the collective anger of the people tired of media elites spitting on them.

Tim Pool @Timcast
Tweeted on May 16, 2020.

Quote of the day—Mika Brzezinksi

I think the dangerous edges here are that he’s trying to undermine the media. Trying to make up his own facts. And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that is the job, that is our job.


Mika Brzezinksi
February 22, 2017
[H/T to Computer Colonics @FerfeLaBat via Tim Pool @Timcast..

Good to have what you think explicatory stated. Thank you Mika. Now we can advocate for complete dismissal of everything you say without the slightest bit of concern that we might miss something of importance.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Nicolo Machiavelli

For among other evils which being unarmed brings you, it causes you to be despised, and this is one of those ignominies against which a prince ought to guard himself, as is shown later on. Because there is nothing proportionate between the armed and the unarmed; and it is not reasonable that he who is armed should yield obedience willingly to him who is unarmed, or that the unarmed man should be secure among armed servants. Because, there being in the one disdain and in the other suspicion, it is not possible for them to work well together.

Nicolo Machiavelli
[Before choosing this as QOTD I had a nagging feeling I had already post it. I searched for the fragment “nothing proportionate between the armed and the unarmed” and found nothing. I schedule it for May 21. I still had the nagging feeling and searched for ‘Machiavelli’. I found a shorter version I had posted on May 23, 9 years ago. I changed the posting date for this version to match the anniversary of the previous.

Machiavelli correctly points out that it is not reasonable that the people can be secure if we are unarmed and our public servants are armed. They already despise us. You know what will happen if we ever become unarmed.—Joe]

A picture is worth a thousand words

Via Claire @eatplaypraylive who says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”:


The picture in the lower left is probably Photoshopped. I don’t believe any of the others are and there are LOT pictures and video on the web which collaborate the behavior shown.

Via Defiance Lady @defiance_lady who says, “If the shoe fits.”:


Quote of the day—Joe Biden

And I’m a man of my word. And now that the new Prosecutor General is in place, we’re ready to move forward to signing that one billion dollar loan guarantee.

Joe Biden
January 23, 2018
Foreign Affairs Issue Launch With Joe Biden

[See also: Biden And Ukraine’s Poroshenko Phone Call LEAKED; $1 Billion “Quid Pro Quo” Discussed.

We live in interesting times.—Joe]

Quote of the day—John Solomon

In Kiev late last month, District Court Judge S. V. Vovk ordered the country’s law enforcement services to formally list the fired prosecutor, Victor Shokin, as the victim of an alleged crime by the former U.S. vice president, according to an official English translation of the ruling obtained by Just the News.

John Solomon
May 19, 2020
Ukraine judge orders Joe Biden be listed as alleged perpetrator of crime in prosecutor’s firing
[We live in interesting times.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Mr.Kersey @kersey_mr

[It’s two quotes but they are so closely related I put them in the same post for the best impact.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Jonathan Lowy

There’s no question that there are a number of justices who are itching to take another gun case soon, and to almost certainly push for a vast expansion of the Second Amendment in a way that has never been countenanced in American history or law before.

Jonathan Lowy
May 17, 2020
Supreme Court eyes more gun cases as conservatives signal eagerness to expand 2nd Amendment protections
[“Never been countenanced in American history or law before”? Well, not in our reality.

Lowy either hasn’t read, or is holding back information from (lying), The Origin of the Second Amendment: A Documentary History of the Bill of Rights in Commentaries on Liberty, Free Government and an Armed Populace, 1787-1792. This book was quoted six times in the Heller decision. So, it’s either willful ignorance or a deliberate lie.

Also recommended reading for Mr. Lowy is The Founders’ Second Amendment: Origins of the Right to Bear Arms. But I expect Lowy would rather not be confronted with the truth.

Update: As Toastrider suggests it is noteworthy that Lowy is chief counsel for the Brady Victim Disarmament Coalition. They are well known for their lies. It’s part of their culture.—Joe]

Gun Rights Activism Summits

Via email from SAF:

Your special invitation.
The Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms are pleased to host a series of FREE grassroots training sessions run by Glen Caroline. Glen has joined SAF and CCRKBA as their Director of External Affairs.  Most recently, he worked for NRA for 29 years, primarily as NRA’s Managing Director of Grassroots Programs & Campaign Field Operations.
The Gun Rights Activism Summits will all be hosted on Zoom.

The first summit is titled “Grassroots Activism in the COVID Environment” and will discuss steps you can take now to enhance your defense of the Second Amendment in our current times.

There will be three recurring training sessions.  The content will be the same, but we want to give our members the flexibility to choose the one that best fits their individual schedules.  The sessions are FREE and will last roughly one hour. 
You must pre-register.

Register Now

May 26th

Register now!

May 27th

Register now!

May 28th

Register now!

Quote of the day—Clayton Cramer

The ability to create something like full-automatic fire using a bump stock and a semi-automatic rifle means that all semi-automatic makers have to worry that some enterprising plaintiff’s attorney might try to create a new theory of liability that could create liability for lawfully producing a constitutionally-protected product. Would you make and sell semi-automatic rifles, even a .22, with this threat hanging over you? If production of a legally compliant semi-automatic AR-15 can create liability, what about your Ruger 10/22? If this type of manipulation of judicial system can prevail, is any semi-automatic firearm safe?

Clayton Cramer
May 11, 2020
A New Lawsuit Shows Some are After All of Your Semi-Automatic Rifles
[Good point.—Joe]

Unemployment fraud

There are a very large number of people being affected by unemployment fraud. My company HR department is almost overwhelmed. Usually they get about two or three a month. There have been something like 500 so far this month. I know three people affected by this.

You can save yourself some hassle if you create an account with a secure password on the Washington State Employment Security Department website.


You will need your SSN, mailing address, date of birth and an email address.

What’s happening is that people get this information from public (or illegal) sources and create an account in your name then have the unemployment checks sent to them. It takes a cycle or two before your employer and Washington State get it figured out and you might get hassled in the process. Prevent this by creating your account and just “Look up your past wages” rather than apply for unemployment. It’s just the creation of the account that is the important part.

I suspect this is not restricted to Washington state.

Quote of the day—Gabriella Hoffman

Criminals will use whatever tool is at their disposal—be it a 3-D printed AR-15, handgun, or knife—to inflict pain onto their victims. Unfortunately for gun controllers, none of their beloved laws or bills have deterred criminals from committing ghastly acts. In fact, they have invited more crime.

It’s time for our opponents finally to get serious about tackling criminal misuse of firearms, not scapegoat 3D printed firearms.

Gabriella Hoffman
May 15, 2020
The Truth About 3-D Printed Guns and Criminal Gun Usage
[If it were about crime the anti-gun people might be persuaded by the truth. But the truth about guns and crime is irrelevant to the motivation of most anti-gun politicians. Power flows from the barrel of a gun and they want that power removed from the hands of those who might oppose their accumulation of power.—Joe]

Quote of the day—OliveBucket

3D printing is the end of gun control. The so-called progressives are acting like there’s a debate about it. The debate is over. The guns are downloadable. The files are in the public domain. You cannot take them back. You can adjust your politics to this reality. You will not ask me to adjust mine.

May 15, 2020
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]

Craft Holster review

I was given a free holster by Craft Holsters on the condition I review it on my blog. I received it several weeks ago but I was extremely busy at work (new invention disclosure came out of it and was sent to the patent attorneys just yesterday). I had looked at it some but didn’t actually try using it until yesterday.

I ordered the holster for a STI 1911 5”. I was thinking this would work with my STI DVC Limited. It didn’t. The magazine release button would catch on the holster. Pushing the leather aside and putting the gun the rest of the way into the holster wasn’t really an option. The magazine release button received a lot of pressure and would release the magazine while the gun was in the holster. I concluded this was a bug and not a feature.

I tried my Gun Blog 45 in the holster. The rear sight would catch on the holster as it was inserted. Okay, well, the Gun Blog 45 isn’t really a 1911 anyway.

I borrowed a true 1911. This combination worked. Pictures:



The angle is a little more than I am used to with my usual holster but it worked just fine for me.

I am a little concerned about the mouth of the holster and the potential for collapse. This is not an inside the waistband holster so it doesn’t get much pressure on it. But it was much more flexible than I am used to.

It could be that if the holster was intended for a true 1911 the fit would be more snug. Craft Holsters sent me a “break-in kit” so I’m pretty sure they expected it would be a snug fit. But with the given holster and gun tested the gun would fall out when the holster was turned upside down. It was a little more snug when on my belt but it expect that after some wear if I were to do a forward roll the gun would fall out. And possibly even just running and jumping would jeopardize control of the gun. But, again, this holster was intended for a different style of 1911. A true 1911 holster might have eliminated this complaint.

On a positive note, the price is $59. This is about half what I would normally pay for an IWB holster for my STI. Also, it is nice looking and comfortable.

Quote of the day—Tribune Content Agency

The decline occurred despite a spike in gun sales that month.

The number of mass shooting incidents, killings and firearm injuries all dropped as states and cities took aggressive measures to contain the virus.

Tribune Content Agency
May 10, 2020
Mass shootings in US plunge during pandemic closures
[It was only six weeks earlier the anti-gun rights groups were “concerned” about the spike in gun sales:

Gun control advocates are concerned about a large number of new owners lacking the usual access to training on how to store and handle their weapon properly.

In fact, they wanted gun stores and ranges completely closed during this pandemic*.

So, once again, their “concerns” and/or predictions have been found to be not only false, but 180 degrees out of phase with reality. One could claim they are delusional. But, the truth is, they just lie all the time. It’s part of their culture.—Joe]

* Actually for all time, but they don’t usually admit to that.