USPSA match results

I participated in a USPSA match at Marysville (Washington) today. For some reason I was extremely nervous for the first stage. My stomach was tied in knots and my shooting suffered. The second stage I shot (Killer B’s) I felt better but I still shot extremely poor. I had three misses and hit a no shoot target. It was a tough stage and two people zeroed it. But I shouldn’t have had problem with it. After that I settled down and did okay. But only in one stage (Dirty Mike) was I rather pleased with my results. But that wasn’t the stage that I did the best in compared to everyone else. I did the best in the classifier where I came in 3rd out of 17 in Limited and 7th out of 43 overall. Seven people zeroed that stage.

In Limited I came in 7th out of 17:

Match Results – Limited
Place Name Member # Class Division PF Lady Mil Law For Match Pts Match %
1 Hoang, Vinh TY55787 M LTD MAJOR N N N N 577.3837 100.000 %
2 Parkison, Ian TY91657 B LTD MAJOR N N N N 560.3346 97.047 %
3 Leander, Mike A28558 M LTD MAJOR N N N N 532.9299 92.301 %
4 Tsang, Keith A71578 B LTD MAJOR N N N N 469.3082 81.282 %
5 Purcell, Greg FY23884 G LTD MAJOR N N N N 448.1394 77.616 %
6 Huggins, Rick A88883 C LTD MINOR N N N N 417.1654 72.251 %
7 Huffman, Joe TY29386 B LTD MAJOR N N N N 395.2001 68.447 %
8 Sherman, Tod TY37515 C LTD MAJOR N N N N 379.3488 65.701 %
9 Huang, Jemy TY71576 B LTD MAJOR N N N N 364.1748 63.073 %
10 Roessel, Gary A2757 B LTD MINOR N N N N 340.5804 58.987 %
11 Domingo, Emilio A86951 D LTD MAJOR N N N N 317.6713 55.019 %
12 Beaman, Earl A91163 U LTD MAJOR N N N N 315.8587 54.705 %
13 Russ, Kimberly TY59608 C LTD MINOR Y N N N 310.1970 53.725 %
14 Adam, Brandi A73942 C LTD MINOR Y N N N 303.3375 52.537 %
15 Steward, Jim A91246 U LTD MINOR N N N N 292.0199 50.576 %
16 Crumpley, David A89435 U LTD MINOR N N N N 193.1871 33.459 %
17 Bregante, Carlos TY4508 C LTD MINOR N N N N 158.8101 27.505 %

I tested out video glasses I got from Amazon and have shooter point of view for all but one of the stages:

The configuration program for the glasses didn’t work so I couldn’t set the date and time on the glasses and I couldn’t turn off the time stamp. So all the video has the wrong time.

I forgot to turn the camera on for the stage that I messed up on the most. That is the stage I would have most liked to have the video for!

Update: The match winner has his own blog post and video.

Quote of the day—Razor

I am so proud of myself. I have exercised true gun control. I went to the gun store and only bought one gun.

August 14, 2015
Gun Control
[I can see this being considered reasonable gun control when visiting a gun store. But of course it’s self control not government control.

A great many of the political conflicts in this country find their roots in the battle between the individual and the collective. The collectivists think in terms of what the individual should be allowed to do and the individualists think in terms of what the collective should be allowed to do. This conflict was supposedly settled in this country with the U.S. Constitution over 200 years ago and resulted in the greatest nation, by almost any measure, the world has ever seen. We also have numerous collectivists examples to compare with such as the USSR, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.

The differences in outcomes between the collectivists and the individualists are so stark I can only conclude people that still push for the implementation of the collectivist vision are mentally ill and/or evil.—Joe]

We need a bigger hammer

It turns out that unlike many of the elements common on earth gold cannot be created as part of the nuclear reactions in stars as they burn their low atomic weight fuels. So scientists have wondered where gold comes from. They now have an answer to that question:

Unlike elements like carbon or iron, it cannot be created within a star. Instead, it must be born in a more cataclysmic event – like one that occurred last month known as a short gamma-ray burst (GRB). Observations of this GRB provide evidence that it resulted from the collision of two neutron stars – the dead cores of stars that previously exploded as supernovae. Moreover, a unique glow that persisted for days at the GRB location potentially signifies the creation of substantial amounts of heavy elements – including gold.

“We estimate that the amount of gold produced and ejected during the merger of the two neutron stars may be as large as 10 moon masses – quite a lot of bling!” says lead author Edo Berger of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA).

The alchemists of a few hundred years ago that attempted to turn lead and other common materials into gold apparently just needed much bigger hammers.

Quote of the day—Cathy Lanier

There’s been a number of changes in gun laws in states all across the United States in the past several years, a number of pushes to purchase these high capacity magazines, for fear that they may not be legally available some time in the future, and now is it possible that now maybe some of those are making their way to the major cities? We don’t know, but for some reason they are showing up in all major cities.

Cathy Lanier
D.C. police chief
August 13, 2015
DC’s Top Cop Accidentally Makes The Case Against Gun Control
[Let me get this straight. Lanier knows that people are buying standard capacity magazines because of laws being passed to ban them. Then she wonders why people in major cities own them?

Does she have a problem with forgetting facts she expressed only seconds earlier when she attempts to ask a question?

As Emily Miller said, “I don’t think the IQ is all that high.”

Let me spell it out for you Ms. “Crap For Brains” Lanier. People in the cities own them in increasing numbers because authoritarians like you are trying to ban them. Stop trying to ban them and there would be less demand for them. And, this is the really important part for people like you to grasp, if you stop trying to ban guns the less likely they are to be used on you.—Joe]

Quote of the day—John Burrud

I had a woman who was probably in her 70s, very sharp and alert; she came into the store and said, ‘I want an AR-15’. I said, ‘Are you sure?’ She said, ‘Absolutely. Obama says I can’t have one, so I want one.’

John Burrud
Owner of Loveland Colorado firearms store Jensen Arms
August 13, 2015
Politics, not violence, increase gun permits, sales.
[Obama, the greatest gun salesman of all time.

It’s an interesting dilemma the ant-gun people have. Any serious political push results in increasing the number of gun owners. If they don’t bring the fight to us then we take the fight to them against their weakest points.

It seems to me the only hope they have is to change the minds of the public at large before they can hope to make progress. But we have a significant advantage in that regard. They don’t have anti-gun ranges where people get a big smile on their face when they learn to not use a gun.—Joe]

There’s the temperature differential

Apparently some Europeans think that air conditioning uses more energy than heating. Well I suppose it depends on what is meant by that. If they meant that so many more people use air conditioning than the number of people who use home heating (and whether that’s true or not I have no idea, and I absolutely don’t care) then they could be right due to overwhelming numbers, but in terms of average Southern home cooling verses average Northern home heating, no way.
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Quote of the day—pogi chipperwoodspecialhell

Look chum, the gun control left is floundering and desperately casting about for anyone in the 2nd Amendment camp to take the bait. There’s nothing fishy here, just the same old carping and I’d bet a fin that it goes nowhere.

pogi chipperwoodspecialhell
August 11, 2015
Comment to The Schumers Need to Rework Their Tired Gun Control Routine
[Even after ignoring the puns pogi has something worth pondering. We are getting close to the point where we can just dismiss, ridicule them, and “let them expose themselves for what they are: irrational, angry, insulting, unattractive people”. Just keep bringing new shooters to the range and the problems we have with these authoritarians will start fading away.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Lyle

The term “assault weapon” is the fake term. “Assault rifle”, or Sturmgewehr, is the correct term for a light rifle or carbine firing an intermediate power cartridge (more powerful than a typical pistol but less powerful than a typical high powered rifle), having full automatic fire capability and feeding from a detachable magazine. The largely cosmetic feature of the pistol grip stock is a other, possibly defining trait, being the THE original Sturmgewehr (fielded by the National Socialist Workers’ Party) had a pistol grip stock.

The serious use of the term “assault weapon” pretty well defines a person as having little or no credibility in regard to firearms. Today’s socialists are pissed off at seeing anything that even resembles an assault rifle, I do herein posit, mainly because it’s THEIR weapon design and they don’t like seeing advocates of liberty carrying THEIR weapon.

August 9, 2015
Comment to Quote of the day—Richard Heckler
[Interesting hypothesis. I’m quite amused by it. But of course it cannot be true. To a large extent it is self contradicting. Only someone with a fairly extensive knowledge of firearms would know that “assault rifles” were first fielded by the National Socialist Workers’ Party yet Lyle claims someone who uses the term “assault weapon” has “little or no credibility in regard to firearms”.

Still I would find it amusing to suggest to someone ranting against “assault weapons” that, “You’re just pissed off because assault weapons were originally invented for people of your political persuasion–the National Socialist Workers’ Party instead of people like me who advocate for liberty.”—Joe]

Grandson Bryce’s first hike in the woods

Since his parents don’t really care for hiking in the woods Barb and I took it upon ourselves to take Bryce on his first hike. It was a short walk, about 1.1 miles round trip. He walked the entire way except for when I carried him about 100 feet at the place the trail was very narrow with a steep drop off to sharp rocks on one side.

He seemed pretty happy with the whole adventure. He did seem to think throwing rocks in the water was more interesting than looking at the waterfall though.

WP_20150808_10_34_18_ProPhoto by Barb

WP_20150808_11_16_27_ProHe switched things up a bit by throwing a stick too.

Photo by Barb



All indications are that he had a good time.

Lentils anyone?

While I was in Idaho weekend before last I helped my brothers just a little bit with the harvest. They were working on the lentils and I took a few pictures:


Want some lentils? How many tons would you like? There are probably about 15 tons in this picture.


This is one of the two nearly identical machines they use to harvest the crops on our land.

Steel match results

I attended a steel match in Renton today. I was feeling kind of weird. I hadn’t gotten much sleep then I was really rushed trying to clean two guns and then get to the match on time. I left nearly 30 minutes later than I planned and I think there was far more adrenalin in my system that I can tolerate without side effects. I was shaking most of the morning, my stomach was upset, and I was feeling strange in the head.

My shooting felt pretty good anyway and I was pretty sure I was doing well compared to everyone in my squad. I was shooting in both rimfire iron sighted pistol and centerfire iron sighted pistol.

The stages looked like this:

Smoke and Hope

Closed Quarters


Double Tap

With Double Tap there was another USPSA target to the far left my camera couldn’t capture from the shooting box. The two USPSA targets were to be shot twice then the center target was the stop plate.

For those unfamiliar with scoring steel matches of this type you shoot the stage five times. Your score is the sum of your four best times. Hence you can determine the average time for a shooter to fire the five shoots on a given stage by dividing their stage time by four. If, for example, someone (like me when I shot rimfire) has a score of 10.14 for Closed Quarters it means I got five hits, on the average, in 2.535 seconds. Considering that it probably took about a second to get the first hit going from the orange marker on the ground to the first plate the other four hits took about 0.384 seconds each. I’m constantly amazed this is even possible let along that I can do this.

My standing in the match was somewhat surprising to me:

NW05 Steel Challenge Aug 2015
Final Name SCSA Class Division Time Stage 1 Smoke & Hope Stage 2 Closed Quarters Stage 3 Round About Stage 4 Double Tap
1 White, Alex   U RFRO 38.53 9.95 9.18 10.48 8.92
2 Miner, Bradley Jr   U RFRI 40.14 8.92 8.86 10.20 12.16
3 Paczosa, Connor   U RFRI 41.96 10.59 10.20 12.53 8.64
4 Kanter, Jeffrey   U RFRO 44.35 12.57 8.18 12.68 10.92
5 Boyd, Michael   U OPEN 45.72 12.35 9.18 12.02 12.17
6 Sawicki, Myron   U RFRO 51.30 14.46 10.40 14.63 11.81
7 Huffman, Joseph   U RFPI 52.05 13.12 10.14 16.43 12.36
8 Larson, Addison   U RFPI 52.45 13.78 9.57 17.63 11.47
9 White, Alex   U RFPO 54.14 20.41 8.92 14.37 10.44
10 Boyd, Michael   U RFPO 54.70 14.99 11.39 15.94 12.38
11 Larson, Addison   U RFRO 55.98 12.72 13.46 19.69 10.11
12 Komatsu, Jeff   U RFPO 56.52 13.88 15.52 14.53 12.59
13 Sawicki, Myron   U RFPO 59.40 15.94 13.46 16.38 13.62
14 McCurry, Jason   U RFPO 59.58 14.84 12.97 19.11 12.66
15 Pounders, Thomas   U RFPO 60.44 16.63 12.56 18.65 12.60
16 Meboe, Greg   U RFRO 60.56 14.94 10.55 18.45 16.62
17 Potter, Rob   U LTD 61.07 14.47 13.26 17.26 16.08
18 Sheppard, Bob   U LTD 62.19 14.65 13.72 18.95 14.87
19 Sawicki, Myron   U RFPI 62.36 19.93 11.70 19.10 11.63
20 Mortell, Jeffery   U RFPI 63.27 17.50 12.74 18.89 14.14
21 Dec, Theresa   U RFPI 63.34 15.33 15.26 19.53 13.22
22 Sheppard, Bob   U OPEN 63.75 15.37 13.89 19.29 15.20
23 Huffman, Joseph   U ISP 64.57 15.44 13.81 19.43 15.89
24 Morris, David   U RFPI 65.49 14.41 15.44 20.14 15.50
25 Miner, Bradley Jr   U PROD 65.68 12.65 18.78 19.14 15.11
26 Bakken, Lance   U RFRI 68.93 19.84 14.75 18.76 15.58
27 Kanter, Jeffrey   U CFI 69.29 16.84 16.40 20.75 15.30
28 Paczosa, Dan   U PROD 69.33 15.38 15.84 23.38 14.73
29 Tomczyk, Lukasz   U CFL 70.35 16.58 14.78 22.87 16.12
30 Tomczyk, Lukasz   U OPEN 70.68 15.15 17.41 22.31 15.81
31 McCurry, Jason   U PROD 71.55 16.57 15.53 22.41 17.04
32 White, Eric   U CFL 72.97 16.96 18.20 23.00 14.81
33 Breitkreutz, Gale   U CFO 73.20 20.54 15.46 19.70 17.50
34 Meboe, Joey   U RFPI 76.94 16.08 13.62 32.82 14.42
35 Potter, Rebecca   U LTD 79.48 19.62 19.00 22.77 18.09
36 Komatsu, Jeff   U CFI 79.56 15.52 21.81 23.91 18.32
37 Skedd, Jim   U CFL 80.67 19.20 20.50 22.06 18.91
38 Crow, Don AA5736 U PROD 81.44 18.30 22.60 21.65 18.89
39 Jensen, John   U PROD 81.50 18.65 20.95 24.20 17.70
40 Meisner, Mike   U CFO 83.08 21.00 19.59 25.68 16.81
41 Susan, Kleiner   U RFPO 85.26 20.05 18.47 25.14 21.60
42 Ridenour, Tim   U ISR 85.91 21.58 18.02 23.88 22.43
43 Mortell, Jeffrey   U PROD 89.48 18.80 19.58 33.95 17.15
44 Blackston, Rick   U PROD 91.23 23.44 22.30 27.19 18.30
45 Meboe, Oscar   U RFPO 91.97 21.91 16.17 34.37 19.52
46 Bakken, Lance   U PROD 93.09 29.76 27.83 19.49 16.01
47 Garden, Euan   U LTD 93.59 21.11 23.30 24.91 24.27
48 Miner, Bradley Sr   U LTD 95.62 18.57 29.57 23.38 24.10
49 Meboe, Isabelle   U RFPO 95.70 22.72 18.51 27.88 26.59
50 Dec, Theresa   U PROD 96.60 18.12 28.40 29.98 20.10
51 Paczosa, Connor   U PROD 98.63 23.51 22.50 28.03 24.59
52 Bakken, Emily   U RFPO 99.64 22.87 21.17 32.19 23.41
53 Garcia, Quinlan   U RFRI 99.68 24.47 16.89 34.75 23.57
54 Pounders, Thomas   U PROD 103.14 38.05 19.50 27.32 18.27
55 Waak, Jim   U RFPO 104.13 21.84 27.81 33.03 21.45
56 ALvarez, Ezzy   U RFPI 104.28 33.02 21.11 32.73 17.42
57 Jarus, Roon   U PROD 104.72 21.02 22.66 37.65 23.39
58 Wood, Sabrina   U RFPI 114.91 21.64 20.24 52.87 20.16
59 Pukalo, Chris   U ISP 115.82 27.79 31.98 29.30 26.75
60 Hurley, Tessina   U ISP 126.96 25.60 32.40 31.64 37.32
61 Crow, Gail   U PROD 157.63 32.73 35.05 54.43 35.42
62 Bakken, Emily   U PROD 160.11 38.79 45.57 44.84 30.91
63 Ma, Kenneth   U RFPI 20.72 17.17
64 Smith, Tim   U LTD 20.01 12.74

I’ve been wanting to get my classification stages completed so I could get a better sense of where I stand compared to shooters nationwide. But I keep getting repeats of stages I have already shot. This match was no exception. We had Smoke and Hope and Roundabout as the only two classification stages. At least I improved my centerfire times from my previous 18.76 seconds to 15.44 seconds on Smoke and Hope. But my time on Roundabout went from 18.67 seconds to 19.43 seconds.

With my rimfire pistol I came in 7th overall which is ahead of all the other pistol shooters, including open class pistol shooters. With my centerfire pistol I came in 23rd overall and 3rd among centerfire shooters.

I’m okay with that.

Quote of the day—Richard Heckler

If the pink guns are now or ever were military issue assault weapons ……. take them off the market. Smash them up and recycle the metal.

Richard Heckler
August 8, 2015
Comment to Letter: Gun control
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]

New shooter report

Several months ago Joycie expressed an interest in learning to shoot a gun. She had a couple scary incidents. One where she thought someone was in her house and another incident where a suspicious person was in her backyard.

Of course I immediately offered to take her to the range but for various reasons it didn’t happen right away. Finally Barb made the reservation for the training bay at the local indoor range and Joycie and her husband Michael put that time slot on their schedule. Here is the story from our time on the range last night:

They did the paperwork with the range, got the range safety briefing. We then walked through the normal range with stalls about half full of people shooting. Joycie jumped every shot fired but made it through to the training bay without chickening out. There we took off our hearing protection set up a table about 15 feet from the target line.

I’ve only one other student who was more nervous.

I started them out with the Ruger 10/22 with a suppressor so we could talk without hearing protection:


It was really too close for the scoped rifle, the target was just a little bit blurry, and the hits were an inch or so low from the point of aim. But these were new shooters and I wanted to make sure they could hit the paper without difficulty. They both did great with it.

Next I put the suppressor on the Ruger 22/45 and showed them how to shoot it:


Michael had no problems with it but it took Joycie a while to get the hang of getting both sights lined up on the target.

Next they tried the .22 LR revolver:


With no suppressor and such a light gun even the recoil from the .22 was intimidating to Joycie. She was able to settle down enough to get good hits by sitting at the table.

We were running out of time and I gave her the option of a 9mm or .40 S&W pistol or an AR-15. Joycie asked if the AR-15 was an Uzi and if it would shoot out all the bullets one after the other. I smiled and told her no. It was an AR-15 and it shot one bullet for each pull of the trigger just like the other guns she had been shooting. She chose the AR-15.

Michael emptied a 30 round magazine with excellent hits in probably two or three minutes. We were very short on time and Joycie fired maybe five rounds with decent hits before we had to pack up and leave before they locked the doors on us.

As is usual, there was the new shooter smile and Joycie wants to try that again:


Joycie also wants to see what competition is like and may show up to watch a pistol match sometime soon.

Quote of the day—Rand Paul

I don’t want my marriage or my guns registered in Washington.

Rand Paul
August 7, 2015
First GOP Debate Ignores Gun Rights, With The Exception Of Rand Paul’s Quick Quip
[Or my address, bank accounts, cars, computers, degrees, employer, fingerprints, god(s), height, income, jobs, or kids. And that is just the first few letters of the alphabet. Never mind things like sexual preference and skin color.—Joe]

Quote of the day—John Lott

Every place in the world that’s tried to ban guns… has seen big increases in murder rates. You’d think at least one time, some place, when they banned guns, murder rates would go down. But that hasn’t been the case.

John Lott
August 5, 2015
Gun Control Lies
[See also Just one question.

You have to ask: If gun control doesn’t make society safer then just what is the real reason they want to ban guns? Other than stupidity and ignorance the only answer that makes sense to me is that they want to do something to people which the people wouldn’t want done to them.—Joe]

Boomershoot infrastructure improvements

When the weather conditions are just right Boomershoot Mecca literally rains inside because of the condensation. Last weekend I hired someone who fixed that. But first I had to get almost everything out of the shipping container. There was over 4000 pounds of chemicals, plus tables, shelves, boxes, crates, mixers, tools, and lots of other “stuff”:


On Saturday, over the course of five hours, I converted what you see above into this:


Outside it looked like this:


It was a hot day. It was especially hot inside the shipping container. I had the thermometer within a few feet of the open door and out of the sun but still:


At least it was a dry heat.

The spray foam insulation guys arrived Monday morning and went to work:


Their equipment required 50 amps of 240V. That is 12 KW of power. My generator couldn’t supply that so I borrowed my brothers tractor and 30 KW generator:


While I masked off the electrical stuff they masked off the shelves and lights and put about 1.5 inches of insulation on the ceiling and walls:



We also insulated the magazine at the Taj Mahal:

WP_20150803_15_34_04_ProWeb WP_20150803_15_39_21_ProWeb

If we put dry ice in with the targets next year they will stay cold much longer this way.

Yes. The door was glued shut. The spray foam guy and I spent about 20 or 30 minutes cutting foam from the critical places so the door would actually be a door again.

Then they helped me move the chemicals and few other things back into Mecca. It took me about another four hours to get everything else back inside. It’s not pretty. It’s not neat. It’s not even functional. But everything that needs to stay dry is back inside:WP_20150803_19_42_32_ProWeb

I took a shower and was driving away from Mecca at 8:04 PM. Home is six hours away and after two stops for naps I put my head on the pillow in my own bed at exactly 3:30 AM Tuesday morning. I was at work the next morning by 9:00 AM.

When I weighed myself after getting out of the shower Tuesday morning I discovered I had lost six pounds over the weekend. For some reason I don’t eat as much as when I’m at home.

I’m sure glad this Boomershoot stuff is fun.