The Stars Came Back -062- Rumble

Fade in

EXT – night – space not far from the corp-war robo-mil-moon

The gas giant and the moon hang in the distance. Tajemnica streaks by, space glowing faintly around it. A short ways behind it, a formation of four long, lean, lethal-looking space-craft, obviously streamlined for atmospheric flight as well. The contrast is stark – a single larger, blocky, angular, dirty, old hauler, versus a pack of sleek, elegant, new and shiny hunters in bright paint. An elderly moose fleeing a pack of wolves. The interceptors are clearly moving faster, the glowing molecules excited by their drives are brighter and further out from their hulls. Not a match-up odds makers would use small numbers in. Continue reading

The Stars Came Back -059- Pickup

Fade in

EXT – DAY – space near Emerite II.

Tajemnica arcs across space, headed for the planet in the distance. It is a vivid mix of blue seas, greens, and tans, with a goodly scattering of clouds. An orbiting space-dock is in the near distance, with numerous ships docked at it. Most are fairly small, a few a larger liners and cargo ships. One is the liner Helton met Bipasha on. The star Capella is bright in the far distance. Continue reading

The Stars Came Back -058- RoboMilMoon

Fade in

EXT – night – space, Capella system, many AUs from the star

The darkness and star-field are as far as the eye can see. The Capella sun is simply the largest star. In the distance, a planet, a large gas giant with a whole flock of moons, hangs, seemingly motionless in the vastness. In the nearer distance, a pock-marked moon covered with small circles slowly spins. Then, a patch of space shimmers, as the few molecules of dust and gas in the near vacuum of space get REALLY pissed off by an emerging starship, and glow a bit as their universe shares it’s space with a bunch of others, and don’t quite know which book of physics to follow. The transition field collapses, and in it’s center, Tajemnica. Continue reading

The Stars Came Back -057- Ammo Run

Fade in

EXT – day – parking lot outside Cobb’s

There are a lot of vehicles in the parking lot. Kaminski, Helton, Sar, and Kwon pull up in a light truck, park, and hop out. Kaminski, and Helton have small gun bags, and they are also wearing gun belts with holsters and pistols, as does Kwon. They head inside. Continue reading

The Stars Came Back -056a- Recap and open thread

Slightly different today. I’m near one of those holes in the story I told you about, AND it’s nearly spring break, and the family is going to the coast. I don’t want to leave you hanging in the middle of a mission mid-explosion or anything, so I will give a quick recap and summary, then an open thread for you to talk about what you like, don’t like, expect, how you see the characters so far, favorites, what sort of things you might see coming up, how you interpret some minor things that might be connected, etc., etc., etc., while I patch holes and take a break with the kids. Continue reading

The Stars Came Back -056- Letter

Fade to

INT – Day – Main cabin of intruder’s ship.

In it are eight very violently dead men in lightly armored dark uniforms, and there is a fair bit of blood splattered around. One of them is lying on his back, showing a badge on his chest. They all had carbines. Kat, Kaminski, Harbin, Horkle, and Helton look over the carnage. Continue reading

The Stars Came Back -054- Loading and lift-off

Fade in

EXT – night -cargo bay loading ramp

It is dark and rainy. A beat up and obviously heavily damaged military vehicle with a light machine gun mounted on top is being loaded into the Tajemnica. One crewman drives, another ground-guides it up. After it gets into place near the ramp, and the driver hops out and starts helping the ground-guide with tie-downs to secure it into place. In the background, several more damaged vehicles and containers of cargo can be seen, secured. Some have guns, some don’t. Continue reading

The Stars Came Back -053- Side Deal

Fade in

INT – day – Adelaide spaceport concourse

Harbin walks down the concourse, in uniform, with sidearm, being followed by a modest sized robot cart piles high with metal transport boxes of gear. He nods to the security guard near as he passes, and the guard nods back in professional recognition. He passes the info desk, where a woman, PAYTON SMITH (36, attractive, well-dressed, Caucasian) with a suitcase next to her is arguing with the info clerk. Continue reading

The Stars Came Back -048- Applying Rule Number 2

INT – DAY – A-Deck hydroponics garden

Allonia is alone near the back, wearing her newly made blue ship uniform (has more pockets, and a belt with small pouches and a belt-knife, but still shows her figure well), with many racks of bright lights and growing plants, with a workbench to one side and racks of growing supplies on the other. She’s focusing on using a cotton swab to pollinate a set of flowers on the bench. We hear the sound of the screen door to the garden room bang shut gently. She keeps working.

Continue reading

The Stars Came Back -044- It’s relative

Fade in

INT – day – spaceport lounge on Adelaide

Closeup of Bipasha as she sits at a table, talking to someone off-camera.

Bipasha: -So, I told him ‘uncle, I need to go more places, make more decisions for myself, not just get ordered around by you!’… I thought I’d visit every aunt, uncle, cousin, and in-law I could track down, and see what else I can do. You are my favorite, and thanks to aunt Mohini, I knew you were here, and here I am. Continue reading