Quote of the day—Sackeshi

I am a 2A repeal-ist total gun confiscationist, gun prohibitionist.

My end goal would be all of the fire arm factories taken down, the guns melted down, the second amendment overturned, life sentence for just having a gun, and total disarming of everyone including the military!

How ever that is clearly not going to happen so I will start with what is reasonable…

October 24, 2018
Posted in This is what the gun control law should be in the US.
[Never let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns or that those that don’t openly say it aren’t working toward that goal with their “common sense”/”reasonable” gun control.

I’m in full support of a common sense gun law. We actually already have it but its been corrupted so badly that in many political jurisdictions its completely lost its effectiveness. It’s called “The Second Amendment”.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Ann

I’ve always pictured a gun ban looking like this in the United States.

It would be so great. No more violence. Just peace and trees.

February 19, 2018
Comment of February 19, 2018 at 10:11 AM.
[Delusions are often functional. In this case, however, it’s just a delusion.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Brian Keith

“And please don’t respond. I detest when men who don’t read Design Mom come here and lecture this community of incredibly smart, well-educated women.”

You want to advocate that tens of millions of Americans be made in to felons to be hunted by police, but you object to any of those people you would make into felons merely typing a reply to your advocacy of their demise?

That doesn’t sound smart, and it doesn’t sound well-educated.

How did the United States take land from the Native Americans? Part of it was by taking their guns first.

How did the Germans push the Jews in to the ghettos? Partly by taking their guns first.

How did the Turks exterminate so many Armenians? They took the Armenians’ guns first.

How did Mao kill tens of millions? Pol Pot? Stalin?

The history of gun confiscation is the history of marginalized groups being exterminated by the majority.

Just because you yourself have no such desire has no effect on what the people you give this power to will do.

To see just what a bad idea taking all the guns away is, let’s change out the groups you want to make defenseless, and see how it sounds:

No African Americans should be allowed to own guns.

No women should be allowed to own guns.

No single moms should be allowed to own guns.

No Jews should be allowed to own guns.

No LGBTQ+ people should be allowed to own guns.

Pretty ugly, right?

I hope you aren’t advocating that a gay person isn’t allowed to defend themselves from gay bashing.

Brian Keith
October 15, 2018
Via Email.
[The quote from Design Mom can be found in the comment of February 19, 2018 at 12:33 pm here.

Noticed the condescension and the attempt at “reasoned discourse”. Typical.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Gabrielle Blair

Now, the days of gun ownership are numbered. We are going to vote to take your guns. All of them.

I always love these circular arguments of “what about ..” This is exactly why I support a ban. Of course we can’t solve this when there is no logic or intellectual component to the debate. So there is only one possible solution: take all the guns.

Gabrielle Blair
February 18, 2018
It’s Too Late. You’ve Lost Your Guns.
[Don’t ever let someone get away with telling you no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Eric Swalwell

We should ban possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons, we should buy back such weapons from all who choose to abide by the law, and we should criminally prosecute any who choose to defy it by keeping their weapons.

Eric Swalwell
U.S. Representative from California
May 3, 2018
Ban assault weapons, buy them back, go after resisters: Ex-prosecutor in Congress
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

We should criminally prosecute those who attempt to deprive us of our rights.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Dave Holmes

Now I’m finished trying to reason with you. So now I, a guy who was ambivalent about guns just a few years ago, want to take your guns away. All of them. I want to take them all and melt them down and shape them into a giant sphere and then push it at you so you have to run away from it like Indiana Jones for the rest of your lives.

Dave Holmes
May 18, 2018
Okay, Now I Actually Do Want To Take Your Guns
[Never let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

I’d also like to point out he doesn’t want to reason with us. He wants us to run for our lives until we die.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Hanna Scott

McDermott says if the state legislature is not going to pass stricter gun safety measures on its own it needs to get out of the way of cities and counties that want to do it on their own by repealing the state preemption law.

If that happens, the county’s gun safety action plan calls for immediately moving on to enact stricter gun laws, such as banning semi-automatic, high velocity weapons, banning high capacity magazines, raising the age to buy all guns to 21, establishing a waiting period, and requiring a firearm safety course in order to buy a gun.

The council voted through the controversial gun storage initiative on Monday afternoon by a 6-3 margin, with the three other initiatives passing unanimously.

Hanna Scott
October 2, 2018
King County Council approves wide-scoping Gun Safety Action Plan
[This is King County Washington which includes Seattle and many of the surrounding cities.

It appears to me that our best hope, and almost only hope, is to get a friendly SCOTUS. This crap has to stop.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]

Quote of the day—BlueWaveResister @libresister

Haha we’re gonna take your guns soon. Lol get ready

BlueWaveResister @libresister
Tweeted on September 24, 2018
[There were some good responses to this. My favorite was:

Only a fool wishes for a war with 150,000,000 armed citizens against people who don’t know what bathroom to use.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Reggie Reg Davis

The bullets, they do the killing, they kill. It’s up to us to figure out a way to wrap laws around the purchasing of ammunition.

Reggie Reg Davis
Wayne County Commissioner (Detroit)
September 16, 2018
Wayne County leader wants to make it harder to buy bullets

Just as “wrapping laws” around the purchase of alcohol and other recreational drugs didn’t improve society the restriction of a specific enumerated right not only won’t improve society it will be an infringement upon the natural right to defend ourselves.

People can make ammunition from scrap metal a few relatively simple tools. Just as with recreational drugs, it won’t be of the highest quality but it will be good enough to get the job done. And it this case the job will be restoring our rights.

Reggie Reg Davis, Molṑn labé.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Gregg Popovich

The obvious elephant in the room is the guns, weapons of war, the magazines.

The real discussion should be about the Second Amendment.

Is it useful?

Gregg Popovich
San Antonio Spurs head coach
March 27, 2018
San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich sounds off on Second Amendment after loss
[Via a tweet from Firearms Policy Conference:



Next question?—Joe]

Quote of the day—Greg Bates

If we want to end the carnage, we must advocate for the solution that is required, not one designed to be politically palatable. Instead of shying away from the NRA’s accusation that gun control advocates want to take away their guns, we should embrace it as a mantra.

Let’s clear the air and call for total civilian disarmament. Period.

Greg Bates
February 25, 2018
Maine Voices: It’s time for a gun abolition movement
[I find it interesting there is no thought given to how, or who will take away all the guns. And does Mr. Bates have any clue what the cost will be? I don’t think so. I think he has crap for brains.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Tony Asaro‏ @TGaucho

I know what I want, thank you. Buy back & incinerate every civilian firearm. Every single one.

Tony Asaro‏ @TGaucho
Tweeted on February 25, 2018
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

And then this genius came up with a plan to fund it:

Charge registration on legal guns. Use $$ to run buyback program.

Robyn K? @RobynK12

These people have crap for brains.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Jenna Grayson

Deerfield residents have until June 13, when the ordinance goes into effect, to turn in their assault weapons and banned accessories to the village. Anyone found to have violated the ordinance will receive a daily fine between $250-$999 for each offense.

Jenna Grayson
June 1, 2018
How LHS Students Feel About the Deerfield Assault Weapon Ban
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]

Quote of the day—vash01

They don’t need to prepare . Just ban guns for civilians. Prevention is always better than control. No guns means no mass shootings. Why is it so hard to understand?

May 22, 2018
Comment to Texas school had a shooting plan, armed officers and practice. And still 10 people died.
[vash01 skipped some important steps. For example, before banning guns it would be a requirement to eliminate the Second Amendment. And between banning guns for civilians and there being no guns. There are many others as well.

It appears “understanding” isn’t their greatest strength. In fact, it’s clear vash01 has crap for brains.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no wants to take your guns.—Joe]

Quote of the day—John Bachar

There are hundreds of studies by dozens of professional organizations—such as the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association—that seek a foolproof methodology for identifying people likely to commit violence, but no definitive method has been found. Therefore, the quest for a gun control law that would accomplish the reduction in firearm killings to near zero is delusional.

Clearly, the only way to reduce the number of firearm killings to zero is to abolish gun ownership.

My proposal for a humane, revised second amendment would read: “No person may own, keep or use a firearm. Only members of well-regulated law enforcement organizations and the military may bear, but not own, firearms.”

John Bachar
May 23, 2018
Rewriting the Second Amendment
[Yup, I can see that. The minute gun ownership is banned firearm killings would go to zero. It simply wouldn’t be possible for anyone to use their guns anymore.

[end sarcasm]

And this Einstein claims to be a mathematician. It’s possible is smart in some very narrow field but he clearly doesn’t understand the Bill of Rights, U.S. history, criminology, or psychology.

This guy has crap for brains.

If he had even a glimmer of understanding in those fields he would realize the rate of killings where guns were used would very quickly reach levels not seen since the Civil War.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Insipid‏ @insipid42

Anyone who wants an AR15 is too crazy to own a gun. And yes, I do want to take your guns. But I know that’s unrealistic.  However outlawing future sales of Assault rifles is extremely reasonable- even for Scalia.  The ones being unreasonable and tyrannical are the gun nuts.

Insipid‏ @insipid42
Tweeted on May 12, 2018
[I would be more likely to agree with the first sentence if the words “who wants” were replaced with “who doesn’t want”.

What a stereotype. If you read just a little bit of the Twitter threat linked about you will find Insipid is hitting on all three of the SJWs laws:

1. They always lie
2. They always double down when confronted with their lies
3. They always project

And don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you, “No one wants to take your guns”.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Rep. Eric Swalwell

I’d had it backwards this whole time. I’ve told town hall participants and reporters in the media that we can protect the Second Amendment and also protect people’s lives. What these kids have taught us is their right to learn, their right to go home, their right to live is supreme over any other right. We should put that first.

Rep. Eric Swalwell
Questions and answers with the lawmaker who wants your assault weapons
[In other words, the Second Amendment is null and void because he says so. And unless we get a good SCOTUS ruling in the next five to 10 years his vision could be the way it plays out.

His end game is something we need to think about. No door-to-door confiscations. If you get caught with a gun you go to jail. Sure, you can hide it and get away with it for a long time. But you someone will sell you out, a relationship will turn sour, or you’ll get in an accident as you drive to the deep woods to shoot it. We loose that game because the culture will slowly die.

So what do we do? Show up at the first guy’s trial with 100’s of people open carrying AR-15? Burn down the court house?

I’m not sure that is the best way to win friends and influence people in the way we want them influenced.

My best approach is “sanctuary states”. States which refuse to cooperate with the feds on these sort of issues. But that can escalate with blocking of Federal grants and other money. And that is just the start.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Sean D Sorrentino

Anti-gunners don’t like you. They don’t just want to take away your guns. They want to take away your rights. They want to humiliate you. They want to force you to obey. They want to bring you to heel. Why do you think they care that so-called “Red Flag Orders” or “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” or “Gun Violence Restraining Orders” violate more than your Second Amendment rights?

But anti-gunners don’t want to prevent violence by unstable, dangerous people. They just want to take guns.

Sean D Sorrentino
Facebook post, May 9, 2018
[H/T Sebastian.

Sean makes a good case.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Defiant Colonial Rebel

Just argue that your AR is an undocumented gay wedding cake. They won’t be able to touch it.

Defiant Colonial Rebel
March 9, 2018
Comment to Illinois Bill Requiring 18-20-Year-Olds to Hand Over Certain Semi-Automatic Firearms Moves to Senate
[Via (indirectly) an email from Paul Koning.

They have a point.

It has also been suggested we would be more successful if we argued the NRA is our church and guns are a required part of our religion.—Joe]