Quote of the day—Teresa Taylor

WACOPS believe that Initiative 1639 contains provision that are in clear violation of both state and federal individual constitutional rights, which, as law enforcement, officers, WACOPS members are sworn to uphold. In addition to the constitutional issues, this 30-page initiative, if passed, would impose significant restrictions on a citizen’s ability to possess and access commonly owned firearms for lawful self-defense. The measure is complicated and confusing, and we don’t believe it will result in good public policy or improved public safety.

Teresa Taylor
Executive Director Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs
Email to National Rifle Association of America
October 1, 2018
[H/T to NRA-ILA for the above quote and this image:


Vote NO on I-1639.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Washington State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association

Initiative 1639 is being promoted as a public safety measure; those actually working law enforcement know that IT WILL DO NOTHING TO STOP A SINGLE CRIME. This initiative has nothing to do with “assault weapons” and is directed only at our good citizens who already pass multiple background checks before owning a firearm.

The Washington State Law Enforcement Association (WSLEFIA) opposes Initiative 1639. I-1639 harms law enforcement officers and all citizens of Washington.

The WSLEFIA finds that I-1639 is an attack on civil rights and is an attempt to marginalize all firearm owners, including law enforcement officers. I-1639 will impair public safety, embolden criminals and impose burdensome restrictions on our most law-abiding citizens.

Washington State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association
[H/T to NRA-ILA for link to WSLEFIA and this image:


WSLEFIA also says:

I-1639 creates a new crime of “Community Endangerment” and there is NO law enforcement exemption. If a law enforcement officer should fail to secure either a personal or duty firearm as prescribed by I-1639 then that officer may be subject to felony criminal charges. Even a department-issued firearm must be secured with a trigger lock or in “secure storage.” The trunk of a patrol car is not specified as secure storage.

I-1639 requires a 10 day wait for law enforcement officers who wish to buy a semiautomatic rifle, whether for personal or duty purposes. There is no exemption for either a commissioned officer or a Concealed Pistol License.

I-1639 requires that law enforcement officers attend a “safety” training class before purchasing any semiauto rifle. There is no exemption for law enforcement commissioned personnel and no recognition of either department or BLEA academy training.

I-1639 would require that a law enforcement officer who sells a semiauto rifle to another officer go to a firearm dealer and pay fees. The purchasing officer must wait 10 days, pass additional background checks, and show proof of “safety” training.

I-1639 targets law-abiding citizens–not criminals–by creating a new law that would make the innocent victim subject to CRIMINAL charges if his firearm is accessed by a prohibited person. The ugliness of shaming and blaming the victim of a crime should never be made law. I-1639 ignores the criminals while attacking the victims of theft.

Law enforcement officers will be made to investigate the victims of crime rather than pursuing the perpetrators of crimes.

I-1639 falsely demonizes all semiautomatic sporting rifles as “assault rifles”–the rifles they wish to deny to the public are the most common sporting and hunting firearms–the type of firearms LEAST likely to be used in crimes–this fact is supported by both FBI and Washington State crime statistics.

Youth rifles, plinkers, collector firearms, hunting and self-defense rifles–if they are semiautomatic, I-1639 will re-classify them as “assault rifles.”

I-1639 strips adults under age 21 of their right to self-defense. Law-abiding young adults will no longer be able to possess any modern defensive firearm, neither handgun nor rifle.

I-1639 attacks our safest and best-trained firearm users–licensed and safety trained hunters–by prohibiting the use of modern sporting rifles by those age 18-20.

I-1639 would unlawfully seize semiauto rifles already owned by those under age 21 by prohibiting any possession or use of these rifles at target ranges and for hunting.

I-1639 creates both a literacy test and the equivalent of a poll tax–they call it a fee–to exercise a right guaranteed by both State and Federal Constitutions. You wouldn’t accept this for voting or any other right and neither have the courts.

I-1639 delays the LAWFUL purchase of a rifle by 10 days–even after all background checks are passed! A right delayed is a right denied.

I-1639 impairs a citizen’s defense their home by requiring that the most effective defensive firearms be locked and inaccessible by the homeowner.

I-1639 creates an unnecessary, costly and ill-considered requirement for government-mandated training that is already adequately addressed by Washington Arms Collectors-provided training, National Rifle Association safety instructors, WDFW Hunter Safety training and private clubs and ranges.

I-1639 creates yet another huge unfunded bureaucracy that will only duplicate the background checks already Federally required. Don’t be fooled–the background check system already exists and all semiauto rifle buyers already are required to pass background checks.

I-1639 will prohibit legitimate sales of rifles to fully background checked and Federally-approved purchasers from other states, thus harming all State and Federally licensed firearm dealers.

I-1639 will not stop a single crime or shooting. Criminals are not subject to any of the requirements; only law-abiding citizens go through background checks and they already do so.

I-1639 wrongly burdens our most law-abiding citizens while doing nothing to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals.

Vote NO on I-1639.—Joe]

League of Women Voters Annual Forum on Ballot Measures (#I1639)

Tonight, October 4th, the Seattle/King-County League of Women Voters is having a debate on Washington State ballot initiatives. This will include I-1639. It will be at The Collective (I’m not kidding!). The following is via a Facebook friend who works for Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership:

There will be a ballot initiative Forum organized by the League of Women Voters on Thursday, 4 Oct. Please plan to attend; 1639 is on the agenda. See below for details.

Location: The Collective
Address: 400 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
Neighborhood: South Lake Union
Parking: There’s a pay garage and street parking
Walk into lobby, you may have to check in with security. Tell them you’re there for the League of Women Voters event and proceed to the elevator. Go to the second floor and check in with either Chelsea or myself. This is where our event will be taking place. There will also be signage directing you on where to go. If you get lost or confused give me a ring at (206) 697-2698.

Before 6:00 PM, informal networking in the Collective’s bar HighTide (this will also be open after the event for similar use)
6:00 PM – 6:55 PM Tabling outside of forum room on second floor, please feel free to bring whatever literature, hand outs, etc. you’d like. The venue should have an area set up for you to do this.
7:00 PM Forum starts
940 Pro (Jack Sorenson) and Con (Mike Sloan) MIKE PLEASE CONFIRM
1631 Pro (Mo McBroom) and Con (Christian Gobel)
1634 Pro (Jim Desler) and Con (Jim Krieger)
1639 Pro (Stephen Paolini) and Con (Keely Hopkins) KEELY PLEASE CONFIRM
Seattle Preschool Promise Levy (LWV Education Committee)
9:00 PM Forum ends
9:00 – 10 PM HighTide is open for informal networking and discussion among speakers and participants

3 minute opening statements Pro
3 minute opening statements Con
15 minutes of questions (campaigns get 1 minute to answer questions, this should be like five questions per side with time to ask questions; we’ll make sure each side gets the same amount of questions)
2 minute closing statements Pro
2 minute closing statement Con

AV will be minimal, we’ll get you all mic’d up but there’s not going to be time for any visual presentations/slides. The current plan is to have chairs available for you to sit, and you can choose to either stand or sit while you talk. We want you to be as comfortable as possible.

Questions will be solicited from our members before the event and during the event from participants. If you need to arrive late/duck out early that is totally fine, but please let me know in case it impacts our schedule.

Our moderator will be either Dan Beakman or Jim Brunner from the Seattle Times. TVW has tentatively agreed to film and broadcast this for us.

Lastly, please feel free to broadcast this far and wide to your networks. We have a large space and want everyone to feel included and heard at this forum.

All the best,

Alyssa Weed
LWVSKC Second Vice President, Program Chair

My oldest daughter and I will be there. Please attend and show your support for stopping this terrible infringement upon our right to keep and bear arms.

Vote No on #I1639

This evening I went to the NRA phone bank event and made calls to encourage people to vote against I-1639.

I’m an introvert. It’s uncomfortable for me to make calls to friends. It’s tough to make calls to businesses to ask if they have a particular product or to make an appointment to get my car repaired.

Making calls to people I don’t know, some of whom are openly hostile to what I have to say, puts my stomach in knots. I did this for about an hour two weeks ago before I had to stop. I went back last week but the office we had used the previous week was locked (they moved to a different office when someone forget the key or something, and I didn’t see them). I went back this evening hoping I could handle it better. Nope. It was worse.

I left after about 35 minutes of making calls. I decided my time could be better spent doing something else. I decided to gather up all the memes I could find and post them here (and Twitter, Facebook, and Gab).

In a little over an hour I have collected enough that I have one for every day between now and election day. There is a lot of repetition in the text of the message even though they have a different images so I’ll continue looking for new material (hint to Oleg, Stephanie, and Brian) and will boost the count per day as needed.

You are able to find all my posts on I-1639 by clicking on this link (the category link for “I-1639” at the bottom of this post). Share with people for whom you think will be receptive.

You can donate money (as I have done) here to support video ads like this:

You can also donate here to fund NRA efforts (as I have also done) to defeat I-1639.

Here is the first meme from my collection. Via a tweet:


Help stop I-1639

Via email from the NRA.

I’ll be at the Bellevue event.

Come join us at two NRA events happening this week in Northwest Washington. Connect with your NRA and do your part in opposing Initiative 1639.

On Wednesday, we’ll be calling our neighbors and supporters to inform them about I-1639, and rally their support to VOTE NO. Join us for two phone banks, in Bellevue and in Custer, Wednesday evening from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. The NRA will supply snacks, phones, and soda – just bring your voice and your dedication to defeat I-1639.

What: Custer “No on 1639” Phone Bank
When: Wednesday, October 3, 6pm
Where: Custer Sportsmen’s Club, 3000 Birch Bay Lynden Rd, Custer, WA 98240

What: Bellevue “No on 1639” Phone Bank
When: Wednesday, October 3, 6pm
Where:  Lower Level, 12500 NE 10th St, Bellevue, WA 98005

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about opportunities and ways you can get involved in opposing Initiative 1639, please contact me by phone at (310) 853-9419 or by email at julian@nrailafrontlines.com

Yours in freedom,

Julian Markowitz
Northwest Washington Campaign Field Representative
(310) 853-9419

Paid for by Washingtonians and the National Rifle Association for Freedom, 11250 Waples Mill Raod, Fairfax, VA 20030 Pursuant to WA 390-18-025(1), the top five contributors are: National Rifle Association of America, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Henry Harbert.

No on 1639 phone bank

Via a private post on Facebook (with permission to post here):

RKBA friends: no on 1639 Bellevue Phone Bank.

This Wednesday (9/19) a bunch of us are getting together at Liberty Park for an NRA phone bank at 6pm. If you support the cause please pass this notice to others and -join- -us-!

PM me for address and more details.

I presume what we will be doing is calling gun owners and others likely to be opposed to I-1639 to encourage them to vote and perhaps ask them to distribute yard signs and flyers.

Contact me if you want the exact address and/or details.

We lost a battle on I-1639

State Supreme Court orders gun control initiative back on Washington’s November ballot

Washington voters will get to vote on a gun control initiative this November after all.

The Washington Supreme Court today reversed a lower court’s decision blocking Initiative 1639 from the November ballot, ruling that Secretary of State Kim Wyman does not have the legal authority to reject it.

State law governing the acceptance of intiative [sic] petitions is narrow, Chief Justice Mary Fairhurst said. “It does not allow for pre-election review of the form, process, subtance [sic] or constitutionality of an initiative petition,” she wrote.

Instead, it only allows a court to examine whether the petitions have the required number of signatures from voters.

“There is no actual challenge to the county of signatures,” Fairhurst wrote.

Wyman can’t be ordered to keep an initiative off the ballot “based on readability, correctness or formatting of the proposed measure printed on the back of the petitions.”

See Encouraging news on I-1639 for background material.

I look forward to someone using the argument “does not allow for pre-election review of the form, process, substance or constitutionality of an initiative petition” when the wording on the back of petition says it will ban all guns while the official wording says it will repeal all gun laws.

Encouraging news on I-1639

Via the Spokesman Review:

A gun control initiative should not appear on the November ballot because the proposed changes in the law on the petitions that some 378,000 voters signed were not readable, a Thurston County Superior Court judge said.

Judge James Dixon agreed with gun-rights advocates that the size of the print was too small and the proposed changes not clearly marked.

“I have 20-20 vision. I can’t read it,” Dixon said in granting a court order to keep Initiative 1639 off the ballot.

A notice of appeal was filed within minutes after the order was drafted and signed, and will go to the state Supreme Court on an expedited process in an effort to get a decision before counties have to print ballots in early September.

Safe Schools Safe Communities spent nearly $2.8 million to pay people to gather signatures for the initiative.

Via the Seattle Times:

A Thurston County judge Friday dealt a major blow to a proposed firearms-regulation measure, raising questions about whether Initiative 1639 will appear on Washington’s fall ballot.

Superior Court Judge James Dixon ruled that the formatting of the signature petitions used in the Alliance For Gun Responsibility’s campaign “did not comport” with Washington law.

Dixon’s decision, however, might not stand for very long, according to Hugh Spitzer, a professor at the University of Washington School of Law.

The state Supreme Court has generally “been quite hesitant to knock out initiatives because of technical defects,” said Spitzer. As a result, Dixon’s decision appears to be “inconsistent with a century of case law,” he added.

I find it “interesting” that the Spokesman Review mentions the size of the print was a critical issue in the decision while the Seattle Time does not even mention print size.

The Washington State Supreme Court has been rather mixed in it’s support of gun ownership in recent years. The Second Amendment Foundation and the NRA have kept this particular legal battle over the process of the initiative rather than the constitutional issues at stake. So perhaps this will somewhat dull the court’s dislike for private gun ownership.

Washington State I-1639

Interesting development:

A ballot measure that would put new restrictions on the sale of semi-automatic rifles qualified for the November ballot Friday, but also faced a new court challenge.

Secretary of State Kim Wyman certified that supporters of Initiative 1639 gathered enough signatures to be on the general election ballot. The campaign turned in about 378,000 signatures, more than 100,000 above the minimum required.

The initiative raises the age for the purchase of a semi-automatic rifle to 21, requires a more extensive background check for handgun purchases and requires firearms owners to store weapons securely.

In announcing that the initiative had enough signatures, Wyman said there are “concerns” whether the petition sheets complied with legal requirements, but the initiative did not run afoul of any legal requirements that are under her authority.

Previously the courts said

…the court doesn’t have the legal authority to tell Wyman to reject an initiative

Wyman has the legal authority to reject initiative petitions that she determines are deficient, but otherwise would have to file them. Judicial review can only occur if she refuses to accept them, and then only if the initiative’s sponsors go to court.

Wyman is the Secretary of State. At that time Wyman said:

On Tuesday afternoon, Wyman issued a statement saying she will follow the law in evaluating “fairly and impartially” whether to accept initiatives, which include whether the petitions contain all the language required.

“State law clearly defines the authority my office has for accepting or rejecting petitions,” she said.

Then on Friday:

Secretary of State Kim Wyman certified that supporters of Initiative 1639 gathered enough signatures to be on the general election ballot. The campaign turned in about 378,000 signatures, more than 100,000 above the minimum required.

In announcing that the initiative had enough signatures, Wyman said there are “concerns” whether the petition sheets complied with legal requirements, but the initiative did not run afoul of any legal requirements that are under her authority.

So, the courts say it is up to the Secretary of State to make sure the petition is in compliance with the law (they aren’t). The SoS says she doesn’t have the authority to reject them even though they are not in compliance. Hence the initiative will be on the ballot this fall where it is expected to pass.

So, what I want to know, is the State of Washington going then claim they don’t have the authority to enforce a law that was illegally passed?

I don’t think so.

NRA-ILA and Alan Gottlieb have both filed lawsuits to stop this fraud.

Washington State I-1639

I-1639 is almost for certain going to be on the Washington State ballot this fall. This draconian initiative defines any semi-auto rifle as an “semi-auto assault rifle”. This includes those with tubular magazines firing .22 LR ammunition.


  • Requiring a training, to be renewed every five years, for purchasing any semiautomatic rifle
  • Requiring all semiautomatic rifle purchases to be approved by local law enforcement authority
  • Applying the same process for purchases of all semiautomatic rifles as it currently exists for handguns – but without the exception for people with concealed pistol license and with a mandatory 10 day waiting period
  • Amending that paperwork to state that owning guns is a danger to the purchaser
  • Establishing a fee, up to $25 to fund all of the above
  • Banning sales of semiautomatic rifles to out-of state residents
  • Establishing the minimum age of 21 for purchasing semiautomatic rifles
  • Banning possession of semiautomatic firearms for people under 21 outside their property boundaries

Oleg has a blog post and image for us:


Just say no to I-1639 and those who sponsor it.

Quote of the day—Phil Watson

After further examining and scrutiny of printed text on an official I-1639 petition it is apparent that language designated to be changed or removed is not “lined out,” nor are proposed new statutory additions underlined as they appear in the version submitted to the state and published on the Secretary of State’s website.

If petitions being circulated are not “true and correct” it is agreed that we must challenge these petitions and have them legally invalidated.

Since the outset of I-1639, our campaign has raised questions about not just the unethical nature of the initiative and its backers, but also the unethical gamesmanship of the public policy process.

Phil Watson
Committee Chairman
Save Our Security | NO on I-1639
[Regarding a petition intended to be put before Washington State voters this fall.

Via email June 22, 2018.

And from here:



They have to lie to win. Lying has become a part of their nature. I suspect they literally cannot resist the urge to lie. These are evil people committing evil against the people of this state. The signature gathers, the signers of the initiative, and especially the people financing this fraud are conspiring to infringe the rights of Washington State citizens and should be prosecuted.

And via email from Brian Keith:


Keith also said:

The sign on the right says “protect kids from guns.”

This is at Trader Joe’s in Seattle.

So we have a few lies here:

A 20 year old is a “kid”

A law can protect a kid from violence

A 18 year old would only be hurt by owning a gun, and wouldn’t be defending themselves

18-20 year olds are actually attacked with “assault weapons” to a significantly significant degree

People who serve in the military aren’t competent to possess firearms in their daily life

The list goes on…

So, crap for brains, or knows they are lying and just wants power at any cost?

Does it matter?

Brian Keith

Don’t sign this petition.—Joe]