Comic Revival

I remember reading comics when I was a kid. In high school a friend of mine was very into the X-Men, and some other similar comics. I enjoyed them. Decent stories, cool graphics, etc. Most of the modern super hero movies are based on those old properties, and are pretty watchable. The most recent ones, though, are not. All the good stuff has been used up and wrung out, or dismissed by the leadership as “problematic”*. Continue reading

Gun cartoon of the day

Simple things from simple minds:


After they explain how this wouldn’t violate the right to keep and bear arms they will then be required to tell me how easy it is to limit access to illicit drugs. Then I’m going to suggest they take point on the project of collecting the 10s of millions of guns already in circulation.

Gun cartoon of the day


Mr. President, How’s that hypocrisy working out for you? Perhaps you would like some prejudice and bigotry to go with it? Oh! That’s right, your plate is already overflowing with those as well.

Gun cartoon of the day

I found this taped on the wall of someone that I had been repeated told was very anti-gun.

I’m confused now. I don’t know what to think about them.

But I do know the comic does a good job of expressing our doubts about the validity of surveys to determine the number of gun owners.