Quote of the day—Rudyard Kipling

Dane-Geld A.D. 980-1016

It is always a temptation to an armed and agile nation
To call upon a neighbour and to say: —
“We invaded you last night–we are quite prepared to fight,
Unless you pay us cash to go away.”

And that is called asking for Dane-geld,
And the people who ask it explain
That you’ve only to pay ’em the Dane-geld
And then you’ll get rid of the Dane!

It is always a temptation for a rich and lazy nation,
To puff and look important and to say: —
“Though we know we should defeat you, we have not the time to meet you.
We will therefore pay you cash to go away.”

And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
But we’ve proved it again and again,
That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
You never get rid of the Dane.

It is wrong to put temptation in the path of any nation,
For fear they should succumb and go astray;
So when you are requested to pay up or be molested,
You will find it better policy to say: —

“We never pay any-one Dane-geld,
No matter how trifling the cost;
For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
And the nation that pays it is lost!”

Rudyard Kipling
[You would think the history lessons are numerous enough that people would not yield to the temptation. But now there are hundreds, if not thousands, of examples all around us paying the Dane-Geld to the domestic terrorists.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Renee G

Dear confused liberal,

If you are a liberal who can’t stand Trump, and cannot possibly fathom why conservatives would ever vote for him let me finally fill you in.

If Donald Trump is reelected it will be because we are sick of your complete and utter nonsense and destruction. How does it feel to know that half of this country finds you FAR more despicable than Donald J. Trump, the man you consider to be the anti-Christ? Let that sink in. We consider you to be more despicable, more dangerous, more stupid, and more narcissistic than Donald Trump. Maybe allow yourself a few seconds of self-reflection to let that sink in. This election isn’t about Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden. This is about Donald Trump vs. YOU.

Renee G
August 24, 2020
‘It’s Not That We Love Donald Trump So Much. It’s That We Can’t Stand You.’
[Please note this is to the “confused ‘liberal’”. There are many Progressives/Marxists/Communists who are not confused about the ‘appeal’ of President Trump.—Joe]

Well, it is 2020 you know

On Monday Barb and I were headed north from McCall to the Boomershoot site to do a little work on things. Between Grangeville and Kamiah we saw clouds which could have come from a biblical painting:


I didn’t think those type of scenes were real. It must be very rare. Another item for strange things in 2020 we told each other. Little did we know this was not the most unusual thing to happen to us on this day.

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Quote of the day—Dan Rather @DanRather

As a fact checker, where do you begin? I am being serious. I really don’t know where one starts.

Dan Rather @DanRather
Tweeted on August 27, 2020
[This should surprise no one. I am more surprised that he admits this.*—Joe]

* To be honest Rather, almost for certain, was speaking in a different context than what I originally took it. But I found it so funny that I had to share it in my preferred context.

Quote of the day—DannyTypo @DanPariah

I’m actually really impressed by their ability to transition from journalists to fiction writers at the drop of a hat. As an English Major, I can attest to the fact that stylistic changes are genuinely quite difficult for most writers.

DannyTypo @DanPariah
Tweeted on August 27, 2020
[This was in reference to CNN coverage of the Democrat convention versus the Republican convention.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Stephen Kruiser

Biden appeared to be gassed by having to just get through his DNC speech. The rigors of even a modified campaign trail aren’t going to do him any favors. English might actually be his second language before Halloween gets here, with Gibberish being the first.

Stephen Kruiser
September 1, 2020
The Morning Briefing: Media Won’t Be Able to Prop Up Drooling Train Wreck Biden for 2 More Months
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Tony Middleton

David Dyer-Bennet what you’re doing with oxygen is just WRONG.

Tony Middleton
August 29, 2020
Comment on Facebook.
[This was in response to Dyer-Bennet commenting about my blog post where I said one the terrorists killed should be nominated for a Darwin Award:

I’m really squicked by the suggestion that a guy who used what he had, which happened to be a skate board, to try to stop a rapid-mass-murder in progress, was a Darwin Award contender rather than a hero. Putting others before yourself when you’re in a position to try to stop bad shit is, in my view, heroic.

While I think the comment is hilarious, I think suggesting Dyer-Bennet is a waste of oxygen is going a bit too far. Oxygen is abundant. I could see a case being made for water and, of course, food is a slam dunk.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Maj Toure @MAJTOURE

Currently, major cities in America are being destroyed by brain dead, low level ZOMBIES.

They think slow, move fast and there’s currently no cure that I’m aware of.

Covid was the spark, extremism is the disease, destruction is its outcome.

We are IN #TheWalkingDead.

Tweeted on August 30, 2020
[I’m a little perplexed by this. His assessment of the infection appears to be acceptably accurate. But Kyle Rittenhouse demonstrated the effectiveness of the traditional cure just the other night.—Joe]

Quote of the day—White House spokeswoman

The President is highlighting questions that need answers such as who may be funding travel and lodging for organized rioters. For example, violent rioters in Kenosha who were arrested hailed from 44 different cities. An investigation is underway to determine who is funding these organized riots happening across the country.

White House spokeswoman
September 1, 2020
Groups Behind Riots Being Investigated by Department of Justice: Top Official
[It’s a start. Let’s see if they follow through.—Joe]

IMR 5010, Bofors, Others

Via email:

From: dj
Sent: Wednesday, September 2, 2020 9:44 AM
To: Joe Huffman
Subject: IMR 5010, Bofors, Others

Greetings Joe

A friend of mine is one of the late Bill Steigers’s sons – developer of Bitterroot Bullets in Lewiston, ID.  We were going through some of Bill’s leftover reloading supplies recently and came across several (full and partial) 20# canisters of old surplus reloading powder, including IMR 4831, H4831, Red Dot, Bullseye, DCM 4895 and some “flavor” of Bofors. There was also a large (original) box (originally weighed 150#) of IMR 5010.  I’d estimate that there are 30-40# remaining in it.

Some of the canisters are unopened. I inspected the ones that were open and all smelled OK, and appeared dry and in otherwise good condition. 

Bill’s son isn’t a ‘gun guy’ so I’m helping him out. I’d never be able to use even a small fraction of any of that powder, so I’m reaching out to anyone who might be plugged into a network of reloaders to see if anyone has any interest in any of this stuff.

Thank you.

Bonners Ferry, ID

If anyone has an interest send me an email (blog@joehuffman.org) and I’ll forward it on to Dan.

2A First Responders

The Second Amendment Foundation is looking for 2A First Responders volunteers. They have a video advertising for people but it isn’t much more than a tease:

I sent the text message and received a link to the 2A First Responders web page which briefly describes what the program is:

Defending our Second Amendment rights depends on engaged activists like YOU, who are willing to dedicate their time and energy.  The FREE 2A First Responder program seeks something more valuable than your money–it seeks your time.

This volunteer program is geared toward individuals who wish to ACTIVELY ENGAGE in the defense of their rights, who are looking to INCREASE THEIR ACTIVISM further, and who can become FORCE MULTIPLIERS by recruiting additional volunteers and building their own local networks of 2A First Responders in their communities.

If this sounds like the program for you, please click the button below and complete our brief Freedom Form to enroll.  The program and everything associated with it are ABSOLUTELY FREE!

You may then Join Today and sign up for various activities in which you you have an interest. These include:

  • At Home Activities (Check those that interest you):
    • Send Texts
    • Promote activism on your social media
    • Write Letters to the Editor
    • Address/Send Postcards
    • Make Phone Calls to Lawmakers/Fellow Activists
  • In the Field Activities (Check those that interest you):
    • Canvass/Door-to-Door
    • Host/Attend Text/Postcard Parties
    • Attend Events/Hearings
    • Visit Gun Shops, Shows, Ranges, and Clubs
    • Host/Attend Phone Banks
    • General Campaign Activities

I signed up for some. Please consider doing what you can.

Quote of the day—Larry Correia

All of the newly minted Internet Lawyers who just got their Use of Force Degree from the University of Facebook really should slow their roll and read the statement from the Kenosha kid’s lawyers… Because holy shit.

And keep in mind this comes from MEGA LAWYER, who now has Fuck You Money courtesy of CNN and the WaPo.

As a guy who taught this stuff for a living, I rarely comment on actual shooting because most of the info available to the public is crap, and I’ve never once in my entire life seen the news get the facts even sort of accurate about a violent encounter.

However, in this case, I will comment, and that comment is daaaaaaaaamn. Some DA is about to get force fed a shit sandwich.

That wasn’t a statement, that was a warning shot. That was very much a Dear Fuckface, we’ve got everything on video, all day, documented, in triplicate, and now we’re going to make you choke on it.

Larry Correia
Facebook post on August 31, 2020
[I concur.—Joe]

Analysis of Kyle Rittenhouse shooting

There have been some more really good collections of the event in Kenosha involving Kyle Rittenhouse:

Here is a conclusion from the second link above, written by “Austrian”:

Rittenhouse prevailed in at least four physical encounters, at least one if not two of which involved contests for control of his weapon by larger, presumably stronger assailants. Rittenhouse’s use of a tactical sling would seem to have been of enormous help in permitting him to retain control of his weapon in the physical contest with Huber.
To the extent Rittenhouse made tactical mistakes the most obvious would seem to include:
1. Entering an (Kenosha) environment alone and without apparent support. While Rittenhouse may have been casually associated with some of the groups on the ground it seems to be the case that his association was struck up on his arrival, not a pre-existing one.
2. Allowing himself to become physically isolated and surrounded at the scene of Engagement 1. It is not clear what precipitated the initial conflict with Short Bald Subject, but in this Rittenhouse appears to have been rather unlucky to become entangled in a dispute with one of the more volatile individuals on the scene. This said, it should be entirely foreseeable that volatile individuals would be at the scene of a riot or civil unrest.
3. Failing to remain as situationally aware as possible, particularly to threats behind him, and permitting himself to be repeatedly overtaken from the rear in between Engagements 1 and 2. Prior to going to the ground at the beginning of Engagement 2, Rittenhouse allowed no less than three attacks from the rear which resulted in physical contact. Rittenhouse was lucky that none of these attacks disabled him or rendered him helpless in the face of the pursuing mob. The first battery to the back of Rittenhouse’s head, in particular, had the potential to take Rittenhouse out of the fight for good. If, in fact, Huber and Short Bald Subject were associated, it isn’t hard to imagine Rittenhouse would have come out badly on the wrong side of Engagement 2 if Huber was the vengeful type.

Conceding the tactical mistakes, Rittenhouse’s gun handling, recovery from being kicked and hit on the head/neck with a skateboard while on the ground, dealing with multiple attackers at close range, and split second decision making was incredible.

I agree with Austrian:

Based on the videos I’ve seen Rittenhouse is one of the best weapons handlers under pressure I’ve ever seen.

With video from start to finish from so many angles this is going to go into the textbooks of advanced firearms trainers everywhere. Rittenhouse will get praise for a generation.

From a legal standpoint all the reckless and intentional homicide charges are clearly false. The only potential charge that kept nagging at me until late today was the one about possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18 (a misdemeanor).

WI law is somewhat confusing here but I independently came to the same conclusion as found in the analysis by Austrian. The emphasized parts are what I believe to be the only applicable sections:

948.60  Possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18.


(a) Any person under 18 years of age who possesses or goes armed with a dangerous weapon is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.

(b) Except as provided in par. (c), any person who intentionally sells, loans or gives a dangerous weapon to a person under 18 years of age is guilty of a Class I felony.

(c) Whoever violates par. (b) is guilty of a Class H felony if the person under 18 years of age under par. (b) discharges the firearm and the discharge causes death to himself, herself or another.

(d) A person under 17 years of age who has violated this subsection is subject to the provisions of ch. 938 unless jurisdiction is waived under s. 938.18 or the person is subject to the jurisdiction of a court of criminal jurisdiction under s. 938.183.


(a) This section does not apply to a person under 18 years of age who possesses or is armed with a dangerous weapon when the dangerous weapon is being used in target practice under the supervision of an adult or in a course of instruction in the traditional and proper use of the dangerous weapon under the supervision of an adult. This section does not apply to an adult who transfers a dangerous weapon to a person under 18 years of age for use only in target practice under the adult’s supervision or in a course of instruction in the traditional and proper use of the dangerous weapon under the adult’s supervision.

(b) This section does not apply to a person under 18 years of age who is a member of the armed forces or national guard and who possesses or is armed with a dangerous weapon in the line of duty. This section does not apply to an adult who is a member of the armed forces or national guard and who transfers a dangerous weapon to a person under 18 years of age in the line of duty.

(c) This section applies only to a person under 18 years of age who possesses or is armed with a rifle or a shotgun if the person is in violation of s. 941.28 or is not in compliance with ss. 29.304 and 29.593. This section applies only to an adult who transfers a firearm to a person under 18 years of age if the person under 18 years of age is not in compliance with ss. 29.304 and 29.593 or to an adult who is in violation of s. 941.28.

941.28 is about the possession of a short-barreled shotgun or short-barreled rifle. Hence, it does not apply to Rittenhouse.

29.304 is about restrictions on hunting and use of firearms by persons under 16 years of age. While some people might claim he was hunting I can’t imagine his activities met the legal definition of hunting. Hence, this section does not apply to Rittenhouse.

29.593 is about requirements for certificate of accomplishment to obtain hunting approval. I’m certain hunting licenses are not being issued by WI fish and game for the state terrorists. Hence, there cannot be issue with any failure to acquire a certificate to get approval for a license.

Hence, the “possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18” charge is bogus. Hence, the only trial Rittenhouse should have to go through is the felony charges of the district attorneys (tomorrow morning you will be treated to a wonderful QOTD which relates to this) and the slander and libel lawsuits against those people calling him a murderer.

As J. KB. said today, My favorite part of this saga is coming up (see the QOTD tomorrow morning).

Quote of the day—Renn Cannon

While the FBI supports and safeguards Constitutionally-protected activity and civil rights, there is no permit for assault, arson or property damage and these are not victimless crimes. Among the victims of violent crime are business owners, residents and individuals exercising their First Amendment rights through protests or other legitimate forms of expression.

Renn Cannon
Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Oregon.
August 27, 2020
74 People Facing Federal Charges for Crimes Committed During Portland Demonstrations
[If someone had told me 20 years ago that in 2020 our nation was in a crisis and I would be praising the action of the FBI I would have thought they were nuts. At that time the FBI reputation had been severely tarnished their reputation with their involvement in the incidents at Ruby Ridge and Waco, and it was their job to enforce the 1994 “assault weapon ban”. At that point in time the scenarios in which I envisioned our nation being in crisis involved the Federal government infringing upon the rights of gun owners.

While the FBI further tarnished their reputation with the illegal investigation of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election I must give them appropriate feedback when they have done something right. This is them doing their job under difficult circumstances and I appreciate their hard work.—Joe]

We live in interesting times

From the Portland Oregon area:

The sheriffs of Clackamas and Washington County say they will not send staff to help with protests in Portland after Oregon Governor Kate Brown unveiled a plan to address the violence at protests.

The plan called on several local law enforcement agencies to help, including the sheriff’s offices of Washington and Clackamas counties.

Clackamas Co. Sheriff Craig Roberts said the governor didn’t approach his office before rolling out the plan, intended to address the violence and arson while also protecting free speech.

“Increasing law enforcement resources in Portland will not solve the nightly violence and now, murder,” the sheriff said. “The only way to make Portland safe again, is to support a policy that holds offenders accountable for their destruction and violence.”

The adults in the house just told the teenagers who deliberately crapped in their own beds, then told their parents to clean up the mess, to clean up it up themselves.

This is will be encouragement to the terrorists and discouragement to the Portland police. By now those polices officers must be ready to call it quits or to call in the M60’s, M240’s, bucket loaders, and the dump trucks.

We live in interesting times.

Quote of the day—Jonathan McPherson

As the nation’s primary source for fire investigative knowledge, ATF remains committed to investigating those responsible for committing arsons in our communities and holding them responsible for their illegal actions. As a reminder, there is a mandatory minimum sentence of five years for arson. ATF takes these violent actions seriously and will work diligently to bring justice to the victims.

Jonathan McPherson
ATF Special Agent in Charge
August 27, 2020
74 People Facing Federal Charges for Crimes Committed During Portland Demonstrations
[If someone had told me 20 years ago that in 2020 our nation was in a crisis and I would be praising the action of the ATF I would have thought they were nuts. At that time the ATF had reached a new low with the incidents at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Since then they continued their despicable behavior with the “Fast and Furious” scandal and numerous other attacks on gun owners and manufactures. They have done nothing newsworthy of particular note worthy of praise in the intervening years .

At this time I must give them appropriate feedback when they have done something right. This is them doing their job under difficult circumstances and I appreciate it.—Joe]