The Canadian Cukier

I was going to comment on this but Jeff did a better job that I would have.  I’ve commented on her so many times before I would just be repeating myself.


This just doesn’t make sense to me. But I guess that is to be expected when you are dealing with journalists and anti-gun people: Wendy Cukier teaches at a business school, so she understands economic imperatives – and the importance … Continue reading

Defining away the RKBA

One of the problems with “compromise” (it’s not really compromise) on the “assault weapon” issue is the definition of an “assault weapon”. As we all know the Washington D.C. definition of machine gun includes essentially all semi-automatic handguns. The N.J. … Continue reading

Simplistic thinking

The Canadian kook Cukier is blabbering away again: REGINA (CP) – The shooting deaths of two RCMP officers in northern Saskatchewan and other crimes like it in recent years show the need to maintain the federal registry for long-barrelled firearms, … Continue reading

The next step

Now that Canada is planning a near complete ban on handguns (the police and maybe some target shooters will be allowed to keep them) what’s next?  We didn’t have wait long before finding out.  From the Hamilton Spectator (Ontario): Think … Continue reading