Skynet smiles

Via Chris Loesch: Don’t worry. It’s only CGI. The real thing is still classified as Top Secret and won’t be released for field work until Beto is elected President.

Skynet is near

I’ve been listening to the book The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology. If you never have had any concerns about Skynet becoming reality this book will shake you up. If you thought Skynet was science fiction but plausible … Continue reading

Early research for the T-1000

Skynet smiles: For the first time, scientists have created a permanently magnetic liquid. These liquid droplets can morph into various shapes and be externally manipulated to move around, according to a new study. … In an even more bizarre application, … Continue reading

The Singularity Is Near

One might say The Singularity Is Near: AI Pores Over Old Scientific Papers, Makes Discoveries Overlooked By Humans Researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory trained an AI called Word2Vec on scientific papers to see if there was any “latent knowledge” … Continue reading

Terminator talk

At a meeting this morning we were discussing a possible name for a new product. It was suggested that since we already have SkyDrive and SkyMarket (with rumors of SkyLine and SkyBox), maybe we should name the project SkyNet. The consensus was there … Continue reading