A commitment to ‘Reasoned Discourse’

I’m sure no one will be surprised that Brady Campaign board member Joan Peterson is now firmly committing herself to “Reasoned Discourse”: After careful thought and reflection about the direction my blog has taken since I asked questions and got … Continue reading

Quote of the day—Daniel Williams (@sheriff_shively)

Ban the manufacturers from producing them to begin with you ignorant bitch. Daniel Williams @sheriff_shivelyTweeted on May 8, 2019[This was in response to: The murderers used illegally possessed handguns that one must be 21 to purchase or carry. Please describe … Continue reading

Quote of the day—Brian Keith

“And please don’t respond. I detest when men who don’t read Design Mom come here and lecture this community of incredibly smart, well-educated women.” You want to advocate that tens of millions of Americans be made in to felons to … Continue reading

Quote of the day—Martin Luther

Die verfluchte Hure, Vernunft. (The damned whore, Reason). Martin Luther [While this and similar words from Luther are frequently used as justification for rejection of religion I, even as an atheist, tend to give him a bit of a pass for it. … Continue reading