Quote of the day—Ralph Fascitelli

The chances of meaningful gun legislation either nationally or in more than a handful of states is remote for the foreseeable future. Nor can anyone expect a national public health campaign comparable to the “Friends Don’t Let Friends, Drive Drunk” … Continue reading

Quote of the day—Ralph Fascitelli

The overwhelming research shows that buybacks generally don’t work well and are a waste of resources and are mocked by the NRA. Ralph FascitelliWashington CeaseFire PresidentJanuary 2013McGinn’s office ignored leading gun control group in buyback effort[There you have it. A … Continue reading

Seattle Smart Gun Symposium part 1

Today I attended the Seattle “Smart Gun” Gun Symposium presented by Washington Technology Industry Association in association with Washington CeaseFire. As you might guess Washington CeaseFire is the primary anti-gun group in Washington State. Ralph Fascitelli, president of Washington CeaseFire, … Continue reading

Second Amendment Foundation kicks additional butt

In the grand scheme of things it’s a small win, but we’ll take what we can get; CITY OF SEATTLE SETTLES SAF PUBLIC RECORDS LAWSUIT FOR $38,000 BELLEVUE, WA The Second Amendment Foundation has accepted a $38,000 settlement from the … Continue reading