More reasoned discourse

Remember Terilyn Reber from about 10 days ago? My blog post about the Facebook discussion I had with her was shared on Facebook 131 times and was viewed by thousands of people making it one of my most popular blog … Continue reading

Reasoned Discourse

As reported by AntiTango, LInoge, and Sebastian Joan Peterson has outlined what facts she will and will not allow in the comments to her blog. She would do well to remember what Gandhi had to say on the topic.

Reasoned discourse?

I just posted a comment to this article. My comment was: I have just one question ( for you:   Can you demonstrate one time or place, throughout all history, where the average person was made safer by restricting access … Continue reading

Comment backup

I’m backing up this comment here in case “Reasoned Discourse” breaks out over there. Gun ownership is a specific enumerated right. Driving a car is a privilege. Gun ownership is much closer compared to freedom of religion. We don’t, and … Continue reading