Quote of the day—Peter J. Boyer

Henigan believes that it is imperative to steer the argument about guns away from the problematic area of criminal use, with its inconvenient focus on criminals, and toward the matter of guns in the home—incidents of suicide, accidental shootings, and … Continue reading

Quote of the day–Neal Knox

When the ‘reasonable’ Brady Bill was pending, we told the world that radical unreasonable gun laws were waiting in the wings. We were called paranoid, at best, and liars, at worst–by HCI, Congress, the news media and even some of … Continue reading

Quote of the day–Maxim Gorky

Lies–there you have the religion of slaves and taskmasters. Truth is the god of the free man. Maxim GorkyRussian novelist, playwright.The Lower Depths (1902)[From Wikipedia (link above), “The theme of harsh truth versus the comforting lie pervades the play from … Continue reading

Quote of the day–Dennis A. Henigan

The central policy issue is whether the enactment of specific restrictions on firearms will prevent violence. Whether violence necessarily increases with the number of guns available in a society provides little guidance on that central issue. Dennis A. Henigan Vice … Continue reading