Quote of the day—RussianBot (@JamesWSchuler)

When you consider that most people figure out how to ask a question before leaving grade school, yet journalism is almost entirely populated by people who needed an additional four years of secondary education to crack that nut, it all … Continue reading

If you subsidize something you will get more of it

Seattle homelessness spending tops $90 million: In 2015, the year former Mayor Ed Murray declared a state of emergency over homelessness, Seattle budgeted about $50 million to address the crisis. Four years later, Mayor Jenny Durkan’s recently released budget proposal … Continue reading

Quote of the day—Vincent Harinam & Gary Mauser

The Canadian gun-ban debate may prove instructive for Americans looking to avoid the consequences of hasty, emotion-driven gun legislation. Three lessons can be gleaned, with each highlighting the pitfalls of a distorted national conversation and the ineffective legislation it breeds. … Continue reading

Quote of the day—Chad Felix Greene

Everything I was told to fear about being openly gay has become a reality in being openly conservative. The fear of being fired, harassed, called dehumanizing names, bullied, and denied access to public life (even violence) are all realities I … Continue reading

Quote of the day—Josh Horwitz

AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifles have become the favorite gun of American mass shooters. These weapons were made to do one thing: kill as many people as quickly as possible. In the 14 years since the federal assault weapons ban expired, … Continue reading

Quote of the day—Dark Beast @XMenHankMcCoy

Maybe hold it against your head and pull the trigger. That way you’ll know for sure if your gun is defective or not. Given the number of guns in circulation your fear mongering doesn’t seem to be making the country … Continue reading

Quote of the day—Kurt Schlichter

My question for Congressjerk Eric Swalwell is pretty simple: “How many Americans would you murder to achieve your goal of disarming us?” It’s a fair question. Swalwell is the MSNBC stalwart who recently wrote an op-ed advocating that the government … Continue reading

Quote of the day—CIrcuit Judge Stephanos Bibas

The ban impairs using guns for self-defense. The government’s entire case is that smaller magazines mean more reloading. That may make guns less effective for ill—but so too for good. The government’s own police detective testified that he carries large … Continue reading

Their goal is clear

Here is the Washington State Alliance for Gun Responsibility agenda for 2019: RESTRICT ACCESS TO HIGH-CAPACITY MAGAZINES: High-capacity magazines make  shootings more deadly and allow shooters to fire more rounds, faster. Recent reviews of mass shootings showed that 50% involved … Continue reading

New Jersey must have a stupidity force field

From pages 41 and 42 of the ruling in Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, Inc.; Blake Ellman; Alexander Dembrowski, Appellants v. Attorney General New Jersey; Superintendent New Jersey State Police on appeal from the United States district … Continue reading