Underground Bunker Milestone

On Monday I reached an important milestone with my underground bunker in Idaho.

The last of the major dirt movement was completed:image

No, I won’t be answering any questions online.


14 thoughts on “Underground Bunker Milestone

  1. Nice pile of dirt you got there. Little bit of ground cover and it will be back to nature in no time.

      • O give me a hole
        That a Hobbit would call
        A dry and comfortable place

        ‘Neith grasses and fields
        That grow impressive yields
        And in peace I live out my days

        Home! Home in my range!
        From Seattle it is such a change!
        Eight hundred yards away
        I think you should stay
        Obey the NO TRESPASSING signs

          • I was trying to convey “half a mile away” but I thought the extra syllable flowed better.

            I know nuffin’ and any similarity to actual real estate is purely coincidental.

  2. Now for the entrance you should build a very rustic tin roof cabin. And run pavers up to it.
    When crap goes real south. And the scavenger patrols are roaming the country side.
    Burn the cabin. That way anyone driving down the south road, will just see something as having already been razed. And a drone fly over will not see a path to your entrance. Just a path leading to a burned cabin.
    Resources will be tight. No one will be spending a lot of gas or time walking around something that appears a dry hole.
    Let’s hope not anyway.

    • Also, have gas and chainsaws ready. When crap goes bad. You and some friends can go into those woods next door and cut/split/stack wood right where the tree drops.
      That way you won’t appear to have a central location. By the wood will be easy to retrieve when needed.
      You’re going to want to live outside as much as possible, as bunkers are the worst for spreading diseases.
      And having semi-random fire sites will help in not being targeted.

        • But watch that all the felled trees are not arrayed semi-equi-distance from “The Ranch”, either.

          • Would it be wrong to make is semi-equi-distant from a neighbor’s house? This is the neighbor that has been building fences multiple feet over the property line on your property.

          • Ya Joe, property lines are going to be an ongoing fight with new comers to this area.
            New USGS survey in the 80’s moved everyone’s property lines.
            My brother was in the Idaho county Sheriffs dept., and told the USGS, and the Nez Pearce tribe to go stuff themselves when they tried to make folks vacate their property according to the new survey.
            My new neighbor tried something similar. So I showed him my OnX map program, How I live in the street, and he’s actually living on my property. As property lines were shifted about 60′ south. And 20′ east. It’s been somewhat corrected. But still going to be a problem for newcomers.
            I notice you have the same problem. But adverse possession laws are very clear. You been using and paying taxes on it, it’s yours. Except government land of course.

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