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So years ago my ex gf and I were driving home. It was sort of a dark day in that an apt had just burnt down and killed quite a few innocent people and children. Really just a sad day in general. It was pretty late and I had just stopped at a light. It had been storming hard for hours and we were in the middle of a torrential downpour with low visibility. On the passenger sides sidewalk, there was a very old looking woman in a house dress with a white cat on a leash. Certainly not something you’d expect to see at 2 am in the middle of a nightmarish storm.

Something was strange and we both noticed it at once. “Why isn’t she wet?!” The woman was entirely unbothered by the storm, unaffected by the wind and the rain did not dampen her. We both got a pit in our stomachs as she turned around and started walking towards the car deliberately. Her smile was unnaturally wide and sent chills through my entire body. My ex screamed as I started yelling WTF as loud as i could to the point where it was hurting my own ears. I slammed on the gas, blew through the light and drove like the devil was chasing us.

We got several miles away before we could even make words and talk about what had happened. When we stopped we both were covered in goosebumps. Look, I’m not saying it was a demon, but I’ve been in a lot of sticky situations in my life and none created a fear response like this. I’m talking the most primal and pure fear to ever exist. For weeks after we’d have nightmares of the same woman and to this day, thinking about it or speaking of it gives us both the chills.

Demon? ‍♂️ all I know is that is the only time in my life I’ve experienced what would be considered true terror and ill never forget it. The fact that we both experienced it at the same time, completely sober only adds to my belief that something was very wrong. We didn’t believe in Heaven or Hell, God or the devil then but that night,we both believed in demons.

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This story gives me goosebumps and shivers.


4 thoughts on “Halloween Story

  1. It’s a natural subconscious response to seeing a house cat on a leash. The subconscious realizes the situation is fundamentally wrong and this is manifest as terror and confusion in the conscious mind. Happy Halloween!

  2. When one ponders the distance from the nucleus of an atom to the outer shells that the electrons occupy. Is mostly empty space. You realize that what we consider to be reality is just the wave formations of the electrons passing through space.
    Change their spin, and you change their color.
    Jesus showed us that what we consider to be reality can be altered by spirit. That which exists in that “space”, for lack of a better term.
    Seeing spirits will give one chills because it reminds our subconscious that we aren’t in reality. But reality is coming.
    And it’s probably gonna hurt.
    Possibly for a very long time.

  3. Humans are probably the only species that can scare themselves….often based on absolutely nothing.

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