Open Defiance of the Constitution

I’m hearing the echo’s of their Democrat brethren from sixty years ago in the deep south. They have announced the deliberate defiance of SCOTUS rulings regarding freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights:

Democratic Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes promised Friday to ignore a major Supreme Court ruling that prevents the government from compelling speech.

After the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 Friday that Colorado cannot require a Christian web designer to create wedding websites for same-sex couples that feature messages violating her religious beliefs, Mayes vowed not to enforce what she called the “woefully misguided” majority’s decision. The case, 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis, challenged the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA), a law that prohibits public accommodations from restricting services based on sexual orientation.

Mayes promised to continue enforcing Arizona’s public accommodation law “to its fullest extent.”

If only we had a President willing to exercise whatever police powers are required to enforce SCOTUS decisions and protect the rights of the people in Arizona. Maybe that will happen in early 2025. I could see it being a 2024 election issue.

The day when we get to enjoy their trials is getting closer.


6 thoughts on “Open Defiance of the Constitution

  1. Issues don’t matter. The only factors are fraud and tribalism.

  2. Newspaper article says her lawyers filed fraudulent paperwork. When a newspaper reporter contacted “Stewart” about being discriminated against for being gay, “Stewart” claimed to have no knowledge of the suit and had been married to a woman for 15 years. Why aren’t we hearing more noises about a bogus case making it to the Supremes?

  3. I live in North Carolina, in my county it now takes a year to get a concealed carry permit.

    That doesn’t happen anywhere else in the state.

  4. How many armored divisions does the Supreme Court command?

    That’s how much the Left cares for court decisions that go against them. They respect only power, and the will to use it.

  5. The Demonrat left has been openly ignoring the Constitution and flagrantly violating multiple court rulings they don’t like for decades. Why? BECAUSE THEY CAN! They suffer absolutely zero consequences for their abusive misconduct. And until they do suffer consequences…personal and painful, they will continue to ignore both our rights and any court rulings they don’t like.

  6. In a family chat the other day, my brother proposed a solution that might find applicability to this thread. If we start pushing our legislators on this type of solution, we may begin to see some results. Make enough noise and it might inspire a retreat. Always the optimist, I know. It is copied below for your elucidation and/or comment.

    “Any action taken by a bureaucracy should have a responsible name attached. If no name is attached, the action, regulation or document has no legal standing, and in the event of action, can be resisted by lethal force in self defense.
    If the action, regulation or document is found to be illegal, unconstitutional, or caused undue harm, the signatory(ies) are statutorily responsible and face civil and criminal actions. If they want to spread the blame to fellow crats then fine. But there should always be a name that can be brought to justice.
    As far as I can see this is the only way to forestall Arendt’s point about faceless bureaucracies inevitably devolving into totalitarian operations.
    This should be an extension of revoking sovereign immunity for all govt actors.
    Judge approves a search warrant without due diligence?
    Finds himself in the dock as a criminal defendant.
    Ditto the cops or prosecutors that lied to him.
    And inspector generals should have prosecutorial power and courts separate from the ones run by the the malefactors so the crony system doesn’t come into play. Possibly chosen from a pool like jurors.”

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