The anti-gun culture of lies and deception

The anti-gun culture of lies and deception is universal. It’s not just those in the U.S.

Quote of the day:

The way the Liberals introduced this amendment after we had completed our witness testimony, I think was a sign of bad faith.

Alistair MacGregor
January 19, 2023
Opposition MPs united in ensuring Canadian hunters aren’t disarmed by Liberal government

From the same article:

Conservative MP Glen Motz said comments by both the prime minister and Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino suggest the two men know little about firearms or the legislation that currently regulates their use.

“If the prime minister and Liberals were actually serious about public safety, they would be focusing on criminals, sentencing with the use of firearms for the commission of offences, or gun smuggling,” he said.

“Not the easy way of going after hunters, sport shooters and farmers who have not, are not, and never will be threats to public safety.”

Motz said bureaucrats who testified before the committee all but admitted the bill was politically motivated, and said what eventually ended up before the committee was nothing like the bill debated in the House.

“It was first introduced as a handgun freeze, if you will, that’s was what people coined it,” he said.

“At committee, the Liberals introduced a whole bunch of amendments, almost 50, which included this whole focus on centre-fire firearm and semi-automatics — basically hunters and sport shooters’ firearms.”

Motz said the bill is out-of-scope to be dealt with at committee, describing it as “underhanded” and lacking basic parliamentary procedure.

“They didn’t have the courage to have this debated in the House of Commons,” he said.

These people are evil.

Prepare and respond appropriately.


4 thoughts on “The anti-gun culture of lies and deception

  1. “These people are evil. Prepare and respond appropriately.”
    Unfortunately, it’s hard to prepare against that type of treason. And the only proper response……Is the first option removed by the evil bastards (and bitches, to be inclusive), would include several felonies in the doing.
    But not to worry. The time of lawless outlawry is almost upon us. When real communists start ditching friend (useful idiots, see Xi’s response to Justin Trudeau, he was repulsed by the Canadian Castro, truly funny), and foe alike.
    Now, off to range practice for appropriate responding!
    The real question is QCB square range, or long range rifle responding?

  2. From the sound of things, it would appear that the Conservatives sold out gun owners, and now are complaining that the Liberals took the sellout too far

  3. Yes….they are evil. So what. We’ve known they were evil for decades and they are HAPPY to be evil. The only relevant question is what to do about it. Coexistence with them is impossible. That really leaves only two options.
    Surrender to the evil and let them do what they wish or kill them. There are no other viable options. And remember….over 100 million victims of this evil in the 20th century alone shows THEY are more than happy to kill anyone that opposes them. Why should THEY not be subject to the same violence they happily dish out?

  4. Unfortunately for them they don’t have a Constitution to refer to. Instead, they have the British system where the government (Parliament) has completely unlimited power.

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