7 thoughts on “Crazy? No. This is evil.

    • As for your link.
      So, two blacks giving the black power/commie fist on the front picture kind of gives us all a hint as to what this legislation does. (And the guy is wearing a black leather glove on just his right hand is for what?)
      Is it everything the officer is saying it is? We’ll see.
      But a no bail system coupled to a Soro elected prosecutor?
      Illinois is going to have to increase the dead animal pickup budget.

  1. We should start calling Pritzker Governor Gacy.

    He’s an obese clown who loves grooming children, and is a mass murderer to boot.

  2. Interesting how bail is only considered in the case of a threat to a specific person. So that random-targeting nut job the other day would be released without bail!?

  3. All part of the plan…..a plan that Soros has been throwing tons of cash at.
    They seek to literally destroy the criminal portion of the legal system in order
    to create anarchy. Anarchy that they will use as an excuse to crack down on the
    LAW ABIDING PEOPLE. NONE of this is by accident. The criminal commie left
    has been following a well thought out plan that was created DECADES ago and
    which they have followed religiously.

  4. Is this a good thing? Probably not.

    Are they overstating the danger to the average citizen? Probably. I certainly think so. Time will tell.

    Should you keep your wits about you, and be mindful of where you are going, when, with whom, and what is going on around you? Absolutely. But, you do that anyway, right?

    As an out-of-stater who works in a highly non-permissive environment in Cook County (not Chicago, not horrible but also not the greatest area), there is no way I can legally carry. I don’t. I don’t want to, either. But, I do the above. I know where not to go, especially alone after dark.

    Management is also very good about sending everyone home/telling us not to come in on riot days. They always err on the safe side, sometimes more so than I personally would. Only once did it get close enough that I personally would have been concerned, that was on a weekend, but we got that Monday off anyway.

    • To clarify:

      I think carrying is great, as far as it goes.

      I probably wouldn’t even if it were legal.

      Carrying a gun is not a substitute for situational awareness, planning ahead, and trying to be smart about things.

      Don’t be an easy mark and you probably won’t need the gun, even if you do carry one.

      And if you do carry one, for the love of all that is holy don’t be the open carrier with his gat dangling everywhere outside his pocket at the gas station a couple months back, use a proper holster and stop touching it. Some people’s gun handling, attitude, and general etiquette honestly makes me cringe. Constitutional carry is great, but if you’re gonna do it, do it right.

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