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NY Governor Says Her Rights As Governor Trumps Constitutional Rights To Conceal Carry

Does this sound like a woman who is worried about the safety of her citizens or a TYRANT who is afraid to lose power over its citizens?

Colion Noir @MrColionNoir
Tweeted on September 3, 2022
[Hint: This is a rhetorical question.—Joe]


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  1. Her “rights as governor”? Government officials have no rights (other than as ordinary citizens). They do have additional powers, subject to the various laws and Constitutions.
    Anyone speaking of “rights” of political offices or political establishments doesn’t understand the law.

    • Absolutely, officials have no rights. Only duties imposed on them by virtue of office.
      What needs to be understood is that as soon as that statement rolled off her tongue, she became a non-governor under the constitution. Article VI
      “Anything to the contrary is notwithstanding.”
      She no longer has standing, any more than the neighborhood junkie does to tell you what to do.
      But hey, fathead commies are going to fathead commie, right?
      I’m with Tucker on this sort. And it’s heartening to hear him catching on to what we’ve been saying for years now.
      These aren’t leaders. These are morons incapable of leading anything.

  2. Obsessed political operatives have learned that claiming rights (even when they don’t exist) gives the unknowing citizen pause and delays or even curtails any response to the spurious claim. Keeping that effort up, with support from a complicit media, creates a condition where questioning the claim, let alone terminating the claim becomes impossible. For those who understand and try to bring questions forward, experience a situation similar to yelling into a hurricane force wind. You put a lot of effort into correcting an vile infringement but no one can hear you. The useful idiots of the left have learned this lesson too as evidenced by all the “rights” claimed by the left like free medical, protection from free speech by others or free housing, just to name a few. Seems like the “rights” parade never ends.

    • The “rights” parade never ends … until it gets to the stop of rights actually enumerated in the U.S. Constitution.

      Then the parade comes to a sudden and screeching halt.

  3. She says these things and does these things for a simple reason.
    Because she can. She suffers NO CONSEQUENCES for doing so.
    Till that changes she has zero intentions on ceasing her assaults on
    freedom. ALL leftists think and act this way. And sadly…..WE LET THEM.

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