Quote of the day—Shawn

There is only one outcome: The Supreme Court affirming that there is no right to carry a firearm outside of your home this meaning that there is no right to self-defense outside your home.

In the one in a trillion chance they rule for us the scope will be so narrow it will be rendered worthless and meaningless.

April 27, 2021
Comment to Quote of the day—Independent Firearms Owners Association
[This was in in regard to NYS Rifle and Pistol Association V. Superintendent of NYS Police (No. 20-843) which was decided 14 months later on June 23, 2022.

I was pretty sure things were going go conclusively in our favor. I was certain enough that I offered to make a small bet with him. This would have been the first I had made since the one with Caleb back in 2008.

If you wish to stand by the odds given I would like to make a small bet with you.

The offer was silently declined. I really don’t understand why. I was only going to bet a single penny.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Shawn

  1. Shawn may not have been technically correct, but it is the policy of the current administration to find ways around SCOTUS rulings including ignoring the decisions. How many divisions does SCOTUS have?

    And look at what NY did in response to the ruling. Their new law is even more restrictive in that you can get a license if you jump through even more and different hoops and in addition if you do somehow manage to get a license it is now illegal to carry in most places.

    We are now effectively living under the rule of the bureaucracies – private, federal, and state. Voting and court rulings notwithstanding – both will be ignored and/or worked around.

    • Yes, but it brings a sharp contrast to the government. A focus they would not prefer.
      Their lawlessness is on full display. And their demands that you “follow the law” becomes more and more hollow.
      Like someone claiming Joe Biden is president. All you can do is laugh and marvel.
      How many years have they told us; “the court says you have to”.
      Hypocrisy may not work on communists. But it works on everyone suffering for it.
      It took them over a 100 years to get us here. They will not give it up over-night.
      And watching them lose their greatest instrument is pretty tasty, wouldn’t you admit?
      Right now were the Soviet union in the late 1980’s.
      Won’t be long now, won’t matter what any of them have to say.

  2. “Follow the law” has been conditional since the sanctuary cities carved out exceptions. BLM added more, defund the police added still more, DAs added even more, and now as a result of SCOTUS rulings, states and the president and administration have made it a sanctioned policy. Today, the law is being used as a weapon to silence the law abiding. You can bet that if you do not identify as one of protected groups the slightest infraction will get you into trouble especially if you are viewed as an opponent, but if you are in one of the protected groups, they will look the other way or even reward you.

    • At the federal level the party in power tends to shift back and forth. If that power is not administrated somewhat fairly payback could be a really bitch in a few years.

      I expect some fireworks to come out of the House in late January…

      • I agree, and as a result I expect that the administration will shift even more towards a one sided police state as a result.

      • Wait, you are actually expecting voting to occur in November? And for it to be accurate? I’ll be wishing and hoping, but not expecting the regime to allow it. What I do expect is shenanigans at the fed and state levels that keep that from happening, just like any banana republic is commonly susceptible to. All of North, Central, and South America are now equivalent to Africa in political stability. Not a status to be envied, sigh…

        • That crossed my mind. The way the left is ignoring laws makes me think that they could find some made up excuse to not have an election or to reject the results.

          But then, are we being paranoid or realistic?

  3. I was wrong. And I’m happy I was wrong. But here is the problem: it won’t change anything. All these lower courts are openly hostile to gun rights and quite a few of these judges fully support the complete and total ban of private gun ownership. I suspect many of them much like the Democrat party hate us and want literally every single gun owner in the country dead. We know that the Democrats already want every single solitary gun owner in the country dead so it’s not a stretch to Think these anti-gun judges don’t think the same.

    It doesn’t matter how firmly the Supreme Court rules in our favor when the lower courts can just go “fuck you, i’m going to ignore your decision. And by the way I hope you die“ and there’s nothing the Supreme Court can do about it. And also these democrats in these anti-gun states going “fuck you, we don’t care, we’re gonna do what we want. Fuck you. I hope you are assassinated. The supreme Court is illegitimate and the decision should be ignored, all the conservative justices should be impeached and removed and replaced with proper justices that share our opinions. Pack the courts.” Etc.

    And they can get away with it as much as they want. Because the Brandon administration has the same opinion. Brandon himself used the nuclear weapons argument.

    So yes. It’s a victory. Victory that is absolutely worthless when it comes to what’s going to happen in the future. Just like with Heller decision it is going to be ignored by other courts. The democrats are going to ignore it as they view the Supreme Court and its current configuration as illegitimate and extremist. Most of them were probably upset Kavinaugh wasn’t assassinated. There are only two ways that this decision will actually force these people to do what should be done: threat of removal from office or position, threat of jail time or both and i’m not even sure that would be enough.

  4. The judges and various politicians need to be forced to obey the rulings. Is there any practical, legal way to accomplish this earlier than the heat death of the universe? Wishing and hoping isn’t going to work, obviously.

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