Reaping what they have sown

Communists have frequently regarded criminals as an ally in their war against capitalists. I suspect this is why so many Democrat dominated areas have high crime rates. They are disinclined to prosecute their comrades.

They are now reaping the rewards of those decisions:

Starbucks to close 5 Seattle stores over safety concerns

Starbucks will close five Seattle stores and one in Everett with high rates of crime as part of a broad initiative to boost security at the cafes, the company announced Monday. 

The closed stores include five in Seattle — stores in the Central Area, on Capitol Hill and in the Roosevelt neighborhood, as well as those at Union Station and Westlake Center, are slated to close — and one in Everett. In total, 17 U.S. stores will close July 31. The stores were chosen based on level of crime-related complaints each has seen, and whether attempts to lower crime rates were successful, a company spokesperson said.


11 thoughts on “Reaping what they have sown

  1. And the Usual Suspects™ will caterwaul about racist corporate business practices.

  2. Anybody who opts to remain in that shithole deserves to share in the bounty of that failed city.
    Either stay, and fix the broken policies (Yeah, right!) or relocate to a place that values hard work, personal responsibility and the rule of law.

    I have no more sympathy for people who willingly create/participate in anarchy.

    • The problem with relocation is it metastasizes the Californian problem where people relocate and immediately replicate the same stupid policies they moved away from. This is how Portland and Seattle turned into San Francisco lite.

  3. After two fatal shootings of 7-Eleven clerks in Los Angeles last night, 7-Eleven recommended its franchisees close their stores for a few days.

  4. I find it remarkable that voters are still voting for the Mad Max policies being implemented by the leftist in charge.

    Just last week King County announced that people that are high utilizers of community services need to be rewarded with more services.

    • “High utilizer” is newspeak for “habitual criminal”, right?

      • Yep. And that is the term used by King County officials.

        And the more services does not include jail or punishment.

    • Max Max here we come:

      “The Biden administration released two reports finding dam removal is needed on the Lower Snake to recover salmon to fishable levels in the Columbia and Snake rivers and that replacing the energy produced by the Lower Snake River dams is feasible. produced by the Lower Snake River dams is feasible.”

      • And never a second thought for the three dams they crawled over before even getting to the Snake?
        The whole lie is based that wild salmon are different genetically than hatchery salmon. And that hatchery salmon are stronger.
        Where did they get the later from? If not wild salmon? World’s fast genetic mutations? Cloning they aren’t telling us about?
        And why do they have to clip their rear fin to tell them apart?
        For the $25 billion we can build and maintain a bunch more hatcheries. And quit clipping fish fins.
        “One can gage the level society has sunk to, by the stupidity of the lies people are expected to except.”
        Spot on Chet,
        Mad Max here we come!

  5. “The stores were chosen based on level of crime-related complaints each has seen, and whether attempts to lower crime rates were successful, a company spokesperson said.”
    Coming from Starbucks of all places. That’s rich! Wonder who they will be donating money to the next election cycle? As voting dystopian has been their norm.
    And just like the old guy that stabbed that criminal in the store. Those prosecutors have to make the process the punishment. As they almost always walk from a jury trial.
    Old Remus’s words still ring true. “Stay away from crowds”.
    And remember, All cities are hives of scum and villainy. No matter how comfortable you have become with it.
    Soro’s prosecutors are just pointing that fact out to you in no uncertain terms.

  6. Divorcing policy decisions from the obvious negative social and economic consequences of those decisions never ends well. It’s like wage and price controls, which ALWAYS fail, yet people keep proposing and implementing them in various forms.

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