This is what they think of self-defense with a gun

Mayor Jim Kenney and DA Larry Krasner clash over charging man in South Street mass shooting:

Taking issue with a decision by District Attorney Larry Krasner, Mayor Jim Kenney said Wednesday that anyone who fired a weapon during Saturday night’s mass shooting on South Street deserved to be jailed — including the man prosecutors said had acted in self-defense.

Speaking at a virtual gun-violence briefing, Kenney said: “Anybody who fired a gun that day should be locked up.”

Krasner’s office took exception to the mayor’s comments. “He’s not a cop, he’s not an attorney,” said Jane Roh, Krasner’s spokesperson. “The DA and our entire office is incredibly frustrated with the gun violence that’s happening.

“But just like the mayor, we are bound by the law, we cannot invent crimes that don’t exist and facts that aren’t true.”

Would the Mayor insist someone who used a rock to hit and kill the guy who just shot him be locked up too? I’m betting the answer is no. The mayor is prejudiced against gun ownership and using a gun for self-defense.

If he somehow manages to someday get his way and anyone who defended innocent life against imminent danger of serious injury or death is prosecuted then it would be my desire that the mayor and anyone assisting him in such a crime be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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7 thoughts on “This is what they think of self-defense with a gun

  1. The strategy is becoming clear that the democrats/progressives/liberals view is that you can have a gun but only as a hobby. All other uses are prohibited.

    In Washington state as I understand it, even in life-or-death situations you take the chance that you will be the one going to jail. And even if you are not prosecuted for the act, there are other laws on the books that can be applied such as distrubing the peace. In addition, using a gun to kill a coyote, possum, or racoon attacking your chickens is questionable. And, of course, some predators are protected to the extent that you are not even to harass them let along kill them. They can have a chicken dinner any time they want.

    • Actually, Washington is pretty decent in that respect. Even in King County, citizens have been involved in self-defense shootings that may have been questionable and the DA declined to prosecute. We also have strong laws on the books to discourage malicious prosecutions – if an person accused of homicide is found not guilty due to self-defense, they get their legal fees paid for by the state.

      Washington may be headed down the road to California in many respects, but self-defense is pretty clearly understood here.

      • Still the laws are on the books, and it is up to the DA to decide – compare with stand your ground laws in other states. I consider being charged itself unjust punishment even if found not guilty. You are not going to get reimbursed for the effort which can take years to resolve.

        It feels like their goal is to have their opponents wear a strait jacket of laws for this and that and they are busy adding to those laws to do just that.

  2. Mayor attacking a Soros prosecutor from the Left. Fortunately, I am far from Philadelphia. Of course, it is vote fraud central so it does affect me.

  3. “But just like the mayor, we are bound by the law, we cannot invent crimes that don’t exist and facts that aren’t true.”
    Why not? Congress does it all the time. J6 and two impeachments later.
    And their new president having committed the same impeachable offence on video.
    No, the real reason is people that shoot back don’t get convicted by juries very often.
    Not wanting to be another Rittenhouse trial against one of Soro’s feral pets.
    Everything is a political calculation with this sort. But if they could get away with it? They would in a heartbeat.
    Like the Hammonds. Burn 40 acres of BLM brush to save your property and livelihood from a fire the BLM set. Get 5 years federal terrorism sentence. Reduced by a judge to 18 mos..(still outrageous). Then reimposed by a new judge.
    Now 250 miles N.W.. Anitafa, (the gay/trans Portlandia version), is trying to burn a federal courthouse, with federal police being injured. And IF they get arrested. The vice president pays their bail.
    (As opposed to getting gunned down along side of the road on drone video?)
    We must never forget where they will go as soon as they feel comfy.
    Because they already have gone there.

  4. It’s like elementary school. Back in the late 1960s to early ‘70s, rather than discern who was right and who was wrong, they decided that fighting is bad. Therefore it didn’t matter who “started it” or etc., they’d punish both kids for “fighting”. Thus was the mission born, in America, to abolish any sort of righteous defense. They were hell bent on getting rid of the “John Wayne” mentality and the “High Noon” (see the movie with Gary Cooper, it’s excellent) mentality and they’ve done a fairly good job of it among the more impressionable.

    You and I may inwardly cheer when the good guy vanquishes the evil influences in his community, so that the evil can be forgotten and life can simply go on, but Rome, and the Jesuits, and the political left in general, get extremely offended and agitated at the very notion, to the point that it drives them insane with rage. To them it is “unfair” and “unjust” that evil should be singled out and targeted for elimination. Such is the genesis of the SJW movement, which is older than the hills.

  5. “we cannot invent crimes that don’t exist and facts that aren’t true.”

    Which is why the left never ceases to pass laws outlawing self defense
    and the tools for effective self defense.

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