AR-15 magazines for court battles

SAF and Aero Precision have teamed up to sell specially marked Magpul PMAG® magazines:

2A Foundation Marked Magpul PMAG® 30-round Non-Window M2 - Black

In addition to getting a high quality magazine SAF and Aero Precision share this:

With the passing of SB 5078 we have partnered with the Second Amendment Foundation to help in the legal battle against this unconstitutional law. The net proceeds from each of these magazines sold will go directly to the Second Amendment Foundation to help fund legal action to defeat this unconstitutional bill.

I bought a few. You should consider doing the same.


3 thoughts on “AR-15 magazines for court battles

  1. Dang! I already picked up a bunch of mags from Brownell’s. They also have a donation going on, but no coolly-logo’d mags.

  2. That’s funny. I liked the MAGA-zine one that someone put out a year or so back, also. The supreme court having ruled about guns in common usage. The AR15 being the most common gun in America.
    The 30 round magazine has definitely become the standard capacity. Also in common usage.
    But we have to remember your arguing before people that don’t know the difference between a man and a woman. Let alone firearms. And their experts work for the ATF. So I wouldn’t expect much from clown-world court system.
    But good on Aero!

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