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I think the mRNA vaccine technology is going to have a huge role to play for other pathogens. The mRNA platform allows the human host to generate a protein of the virus or other pathogen to which to raise an immune response, and has been revolutionary for COVID-19. So, after trying so many other vaccine candidates before for HIV without success, this is a very promising platform to hopefully reach this elusive goal.

Dr. Monica Gandhi
December 15, 2021
Scientists are closing in on an HIV vaccine
[I remember when AIDS first hit the news. People didn’t even know if it was a virus. Just like all the different theories about COVID and the vaccines today there were strange things believed by people about AIDS. I remember one guy who claimed there were studies which proved K-Y Jelly caused it. The better known conspiracy theory is that it was a man-made pathogen created to exterminate homosexual men.

Of course it has been conclusively proven that it is a virus, named HIV, and it is believed to have originated in non-human primates in West-central Africa. Back in the early 1980’s I expected, “They will get this figured out in a couple years.” Forty years later yet another “promising vaccine” is in the works. And it will have all, and perhaps more, of the baggage carried by the mRNA COVID vaccines.

Looking at the parallels of the conspiracy theories associated with this pandemic and AIDS, I have to wonder if the resolutions will have a similar time decay constant.—Joe]


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  1. A “vaccine” using unproven, sketchy technology to prevent a disease easily avoided in first world nations by choosing to abstain from the very risky behaviors of intravenous drug use with dirty needles and promiscuous unprotected sexual intercourse? Hmmmm. How about we just abstain from participating in the foolish risky behavior? I think a safe, extensively tested HIV vaccine would be a great development, particularly in the third world for certain cultures that seem to lack self control but let’s use the complete, normal vaccine testing protocols instead of skipping everything and absolving the manufacturer(s) of liability ahead of time. As for me, I’ll just have sex exclusively with my wife and avoid dirty needles

  2. Where’s this gal been? Dr. Martin showed that Fauci was working with mRNA and AIDS for 20 years or better.
    I hear the first sign of AIDS is a deep pounding sensation in your rectum? And unless your in prison is very preventable. Unlike an airborne virus.
    It seems strange to me that money should be spent on this. As most people whom have AIDS can get, or have already gotten a spike protein injection?
    Which they still haven’t proven DOESN’T weaken your immune system?
    There might be some truly ugly irony in all this?
    On the other hand. Maybe Ivermectin might help AIDS? As Quercetin and zinc have shown to inhabit all influenza cell reproduction. The same might work on other viruses also?
    As Rolf posted about the possibility of it being a parasite that make males homosexual.
    Wouldn’t that be hilarious? Something so cheap could wipe out a multi-billion-dollar scam?

    • The idea of a parasite that changes behavior is kind of far-fetched, but people who recover from Lime’s disease report allergies to red meat, and there is a parasite carried in the fecal matter of skunks that hinders the reasoning ability of cattle, to name the animal the essay author observed the effects in. There are also theories that mental illnesses are the result of auto-immune activity after some influenza and other survivable viruses. Something like Polio, which is almost unnoticeable in very young people, but catastrophic the older they are at first exposure.
      My bet is on molestation in childhood, though.

      • We know parasites CAN affect behavior, though not all do all the time. It’s been observed and well-established in insects, fish, snails, birds, and humans.

        The “farthest out there” theory that puts it together with Cabal, etc., that I’ve come across is this: https://ia904501.us.archive.org/27/items/parasite_202107/parasite.pdf
        mostly pretty normal, then goes in a totally different direction in the later parts of it. Worth reading if only to be aware of. First part is pretty standard science, the parasite conspiracy is a great plotline for a S/F book at the very least.

  3. they are already testing or about to test the regular flu shot using the mrna type vaxxine…it’s their new cash cow…they don’t give 2 shits if it works (it doesn’t) or kills you…they get what they want, money and less humans…

  4. Who really believes anymore that the pharma companies really want to contribute to a disease free society? There is too much money to be had from government sources for them to turn away from the spigot. Is this much different from what some 2nd Amendment nonprofits have become? More interested in raising money than in actually getting to the root causes of rights infringement. I came across a very interesting explanation about this behavior and it was not some radical knee-jerking moron but a scientist with both an MD and a Ph.D. as a biochemist. I’ll include the link at the bottom of my comment. The first 10 or 15 minutes of the presentation will tell you what you need to know. As I listened to the presentation it occurred to me that I had very many similar experiences in my years in the aerospace industry and that that type of behavior is at the root of the problems that one large aerospace player in particular continues to deal with. From comments that Joe makes from time to time, I am led to assume it is also the way a good deal of the software industry and many other companies operate. In the end, it comes down to protecting ones self (consciously or not) with the problem being that the stimuli for such behavior work against honesty and objectivity. Additionally there is an often missing expectation of defined performance that must be met or unpleasant consequences result. Don’t for a minute think that the performance of the pharma companies in regards to the Covid issue is an exception to this. Their defined performance is related to their bottom line, not public good, no matter how they try to have it spun. The entire Swine Flu vaccine program of 1976 was shutdown due to 40 vaccine related deaths. I gave up tracking that figure for Covid vaccine related deaths at 4,000. So, whether it is SARS (Covid-19) or HIV, the cancer of your choice or heart disease, you WILL get more of what is rewarded.

  5. This virus is likely to have a longer political life if only because AIDS didn’t lead to a worldwide lockdown. We didn’t even close the bathhouses and open air shooting galleries. (We being the US, not sure what the rest of the world did on the closure front.) This is in spite of the AIDS virus targeting a couple of subsets of the population as while the target for COVID is everybody and in spite of AIDS being far more lethal both in terms of deaths/infections and in aggregate.

    The fallout from COVID will last indefinitely even if there is a reliable cure tomorrow.

  6. Ironic, as it looks like this covid vax gives you VAIDS, or Vaccine AIDS. This tech has great *theoretical* power, and for creating one-off custom treatments for individuals. The way this one is being done will go down in history as one of the greatest atrocities in human history.

    Also, the idea that parasites change behavior isn’t far-fetched at all, though some of the specific theories are out there. I have a couple of link on my other machine i’ll post here later about that.

  7. And how many people will have to die and suffer irreparable harm from this “vaccine” because of greed and political bullshit always taking precedent over
    correct and careful science.

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