Quote of the day—Captain Obvious @MondeBoeuf

Open carry is just dick pics forcibly pushed to all in range.

Captain Obvious @MondeBoeuf
Tweeted on November 16, 2021
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday it’s another science denier!

I find it odd someone has such an opinion of police officers. It must another one of those mental problems associated with anti-gun people.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Captain Obvious @MondeBoeuf

  1. Those in charge of the Romish authoritarian left are masters at applying the classic fallacious argumental techniques. Their apprentices however, not so much.

    This one isn’t terrible though, as it combines at least two of the classics in one sentence:
    1. Argumentum ad hominem, and
    2. Argumentum ad misericordiam

    It has undertones of several others, like ad populum, ad verecundiam, ad baculum, and the ever-popular, ad ignorantiam, as does all leftist propaganda, but he failed to actually assert them. It could have been better.

    I’d give it a “C” for effort, and a “B+“ for going along with his fellow understudies. He could easily have found a way to weave in one or two more of the classic fallacies, certainly with some form of a threat of violence, and still end up with a semi-coherent-seeming sentence.

    It gets an “F” for originality though, of course— The political left, being of the character of its master Rome, does not, and indeed cannot, ever change (and there are solid, logical, practical reasons for this which I’ve detailed here before).

    What’s really sad though, is when one of these new apprentices gets all excited believing he’s come up with something original, when in fact it’s nothing but a long discredited, ancient form of fallacy, recycled and parroted for the hundred-millionth time.

    It’s brand new to him though, and that’s good enough, and as for his audience; there’s a sucker born every minute. Therefore don’t be too eager to dismiss it as laughably pathetic. It works.

  2. Proof once again. The communist/left can’t meme. The real tell is that they never catch on to that fact.

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