Quote of the day—John Hayward @Doc_0

When the central State grows all-powerful, there is no reason to do the hard work of persuasion or humbly respect the “right to refuse” because it no longer exists. We should reclaim that which separates slaves and serfs from free men and women.

John Hayward @Doc_0
Tweeted on October 29, 2021
[We are long past the time when the reclamation should have begin. I fear we will have to endure the continuation of the dreadful path we are on to the point where the “central State” suffers economic collapse and/or revolution.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John Hayward @Doc_0

  1. Ya, but Joe, your asking humans to act rational. And everyone knows that’s the last thing they will do.
    Look how long it took our forefathers to get around to biffing the crown?
    And with the subversion tactics employed. A large group will never understand, or act in a rational manner. (Think Pigdowndog.)
    Between Dr. David Martin, and the medical Nuremburg code, and the internet. This whole Covid thing should be deader than one Fauci’s beagles.
    But here we are getting ready to start injecting 5 year olds.
    I’m not sure why. But the right thing, is generally the last thing that gets tried by large groups of people.

  2. The criminals in power have zero intentions of giving up, going away or ceasing their efforts to destroy America, steal all our wealth and enslave us. And so far
    nobody and nothing has posed a meaningful obstacle to their agenda. The only
    language that they will actually listen and respond to is the universal language.

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