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I have yet to hear any actual argumentation in favour of automatic fire guns vs semi- or single shot guns… just a lot of cock size defending

Magus Melanie @MagusMelanie
Tweeted on August 13, 2021
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

I was already on the case but In Chains @InChainsInJail also gave me a heads up.—Joe]


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  1. It (excuse me, “she”) has issues with cocks, apparently. Note the bio.

  2. Joe, If you, say, had a phallus shaped like a tuna can. What would be the best firearm to over-compensate with? Asking for a friend of course.

    • Oh, that’s obvious. Big Girtha.

      (pun on Big Bertha (howitzer), a heavy mortar-like howitzer built and used by Germany during World War I)

  3. Anyone who spells “favor” as “favour” is automatically disqualified from any importance whatsoever.

    • Why, because they’re British, or from a former British colony, or they just like the more common British spelling?

    • If you did a great deal of reading of history and engineering, or war books and science fiction, you might find yourself spelling with a British flavor on occasion. Yes, it might point to their origin being outside the US, but maybe not. Try not to handicap your thinking.

  4. In all the years I’ve been involved with guns, and been in the gun industry, and communicating with other people involved with guns, and with the gun industry, I’ve never once heard any cock size defending. The left seems to hear it and recognize it everywhere they turn however, and so, clearly, there is something they’re hearing and seeing, and defining as “cock size defending” (or “compensating”) which we must translate from Left-Speak into plain and unambiguous English.

    As near as I’ve been able to gather, “cock size defending” (or “compensating”) means “logic and reason”. We even have an admission from some leftist agitators, which we can use to bolster this interpretation. They’ve been known to come right out and say that logic and reason are “weapons” used by the (largely imaginary) mysoginist, while male racist dominance culture to exercise their white male racist dominance. That assertion is furthermore an outright admission that leftists themselves do NOT use logic or reason to arrive at their conclusions. Instead it’s all about emotion for them, which they claim is the very essense of Humanity. And so, if we unbderstand the Lyolan doctrines and practices adequately, and realize that they literally own a good share of our higher education institutions, we can readily conclude that the political left is influenced substantially by the Jesuit Order. One could even make the case that the political left is nothing more, and nothing less, that the secular implimentation of Jesuit theology, culture and purpose.

    And once you understand the reason for the very existence of the Jesuit Order, you’ll begin to see who the real enemy is in this controversy; Bible believing Christians.

    I don’t expect you to believe it now, but I tell you these things now so that, as it becomes more and more undeniable, you’ll to begin to believe it.

    In the mean time, y’all can yuck it up, make dumb jokes on the same, junior high school level as the leftist antis, and have a good time, thinking yourselves the clever ones for it.

  5. the argument would be, they increase the odds of hitting a given target in a minimal amount of time, hence the reason that every single military on the planet uses them.
    Any military that used a single shot firearm in 2021 would suffer the fate of the Afghan Army, total loss.
    Not sure what a cock size has to do with relative effectiveness and obsolescence of different firearm types. Though, as a wise man once said, if firearms are substitutes for short cocks, why do they make guns with one inch barrels?

    • That would be a valid argument. I’m not sure there is evidence to support it though. The tests results I have seen indicate for equally skilled people actually getting shots on target can be accomplished better with a semi-auto than a full auto.

      That said, the test cases I saw were not exhaustive. I suspect there exist cases where full auto would be preferred. My hypothesis is that full auto would prevail in cases where the target is rapidly moving and where there are many targets grouped close together.

      • My guess is that it’s a mis-application of the results of some famous studies done in WWII or Korea (I forget which) that correlated victory with high ammo usage.

        That, or because they like having the option.

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