Quote of the day—Paul Gosar

With the destruction of President Trump’s solid immigration enforcement, and current disregard and violation of existing federal law, Mr. Biden has unleashed the most severe border and humanitarian crisis in United States history.

Paul Gosar
U.S. Representative to Congress from Arizona
July 23, 2021
Rep. Paul Gosar Sponsors Bill to Ban All Immigration Into US for 10 Years
[He has a valid point. But his proposed solution of banning all immigration makes no sense to me. Supposedly, “the pause is needed to help stem the current surge in illegal border crossings”.

I’m not sure how this is supposed to work. The existing immigration law is being ignored by 100s of thousands each month and somehow another law aimed at the people who are currently obey the law will do… what?

It would seem to me a more effective solution would be to prosecute the public servants who are failing to do their jobs in enforcing the current laws. Including, if appropriate, President Biden.

The legal immigrants I personally know are welcomed by me. They are smart, law abiding, and hard working.

I guess it doesn’t have to make sense. It’s just a proposed government law.—Joe]


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  1. Passing a new law about immigration to add to those already ignored is like passing another gun law.

    • After all, the new Immigration law is being proposed by the same people that think a new gun law is the most effective way to address criminal activity.

  2. I still remember when my Property Law Professor thundered, “Reason? Hell, there is no reason, it’s just the law!”

  3. Embrace the power of AND.
    Shut down the border, AND enforce the laws, AND prosecute the guilty, AND shut down immigration.

    The USA is full now. It is no longer an empty continent. We have almost 100 million foreigners living among us now. And most of them vote Democrat.

    • “is full now” — as a former Dutchman I find that an amusing statement. And while Holland is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, it isn’t at the top (that would probably be Singapore). Perhaps it is among non-microscopic countries.

      As Neil Smith pointed out (a couple of decades ago, so the numbers have changed somewhat), the world’s population fits in Rhode Island. If you move them to Connecticut they can sit down.

      • I guess that makes it fine to only move all of Africa to The Netherlands, since it is a smaller area? Maybe only the population of a few of those countries?

        Would it still be The Netherlands that you remember?

        Would it even matter to you, seeing as you already moved out?

  4. The problem I see is that we let communist control the debate. This isn’t immigration, it’s an invasion. But when was the last time we heard anyone from the news media to politicians use that word?
    An invasion of fighting age males. And pregnant woman.
    Who’s paying the airfare from Africa? I mean if you have a $1,000 USD for the flight. Your a rich guy in the third world? Those inflatables with outboard motors used to invade Europe from Africa. Are close to $10,000 apiece? I couldn’t even find who makes them. Who and WHY is paying for all this? Ever heard one reporter ask them, where did you get the money? Even the conservative media? Ya, me neither.
    Were being invaded and replaced by people much easier to control. (Dumber). And no one wants to talk about it? Least not in those terms.
    As for clowns passing more laws to be ignored in the new clown world. Why not? Clowns got to entertain, right?

    • The same question applies to everyone coming across the southern border — they all have to pay several thousand dollars to smugglers.

    • The Us Department of State actively flies people from African #$%@holes to the USA, and then deliberately places them in communities deemed to be “too white”.

      The State Department is actively an enemy of the USA.

  5. Yeah, he lost me entirely with, “… Trump’s solid immigration enforcement…”
    It proves that he’s disconnected from reality, and so anything he says afterward may be, nay, should be, dismissed out-of-hand. This gem for instance;
    “Mr. Biden has unleashed the most severe border and humanitarian crisis in United States history.” See what I mean? Best to stop at the first sign of disconnect, rather than continue being lied to.
    Remember the Spanish American War? Remember the Kansas-Missouri border conflicts of the Civil War, anyone? Remember the events surrounding the Alamo? No, I guess not.

    If this Gosar puke is representative of the Republican Party then, well, this is why I don’t support any politicians. I don’t believe there is any longer any chance that an honest person can gain a significant political office, much less keep one and remain honest.

    Now if you squint your eyes and look at it a certain way, you might realize that being honest is not the job of any politician, and indeed, any tendency toward honesty would be seen as a flaw. Therefore you could rightly say that pukes, scumbags, shills, toadies and general low-lifes like Gosar are loyal, committed soldiers of evil, dutifully executing their assigned tasks.

    And speaking of the Civil War, the Republicans could have ended the Democratic Party, and their authoritarian doctrines, and their underground network of associations, right there and then if they’d wanted to. Therefore, to say that they oppose the Democrats in any meaningful way is to deny observable reality.

    • Remembering the Civil war, Spanish American war? Bad enough in their own right.
      But the party hasn’t really gotten started on this one quite yet, now has it? Let alone what the place is going to look like the morning after? Oh, and the hangover.
      Like we use to say in construction;
      Wasn’t doesn’t kill you….Certainly feels like it did.

  6. A legislator proposing legislation? *gasp*
    It’s like a bureaucrap publishing regulations.
    It’s in their job description

    • He did his job? Well, throw a damn parade!

      There’s a fundamental problem when a legislature formed under a narrow set of powers — and a long list of limits — measures its “success” by the number of bills proposed and/or passed, and the bureaucracy measures its “success” by the number of regulations created.

      If the government exists to protect individual freedom, shouldn’t those metrics be reversed? Shouldn’t “success” be measured by the number of laws repealed and regulations removed?

      But then, our federal government hasn’t existed to protect individual freedoms in a long, long time.

  7. The Republicans or “Far Right” will not be the saving grace of the country. Don’t let anyone convince you that they are.

    Paul Gosar drafted a bill just like any Far Left gun law proposal: It will delay and/or punish those inclined to obey laws while doing absolutely nothing to stop those who aren’t so inclined, and enforcement will require increasing the size and power of the bureaucratic state.

    To me, it illustrates the old analogy/wisdom: Don’t think of the Left and Right as engaged in a tug-of-war over the direction of the country. Instead, think of them as the left and right feet of a gargantuan beast, taking alternating steps inexorably toward a cliff.

    The fact is, the Far Left and the Far Right aren’t dissimilar in their attitude toward the role of government; they both believe government should control the lives of the People. They disagree over which aspects of the People’s lives they want to control, but not the degree to which the People should be controlled, and the deciding factor is which controls support whose agenda.

    Immigration is no different, except that ignoring it serves both agendas better than addressing it. Neither side has any real interest in enforcing immigration laws; the Right wants cheap immigrant labor to keep production costs down, and the Left wants their future reliable voter base.

    Gosar’s proposal is more posturing than substance. It isn’t going anywhere.

  8. With the partial exception of Trump’s actions, we’ve lost control over immigration; it’s now effectively uncontrolled, for some categories of immigrants, by whomever is running the country.

    That said, and while immigration volume is excessive, especially under current economic and social conditions, we don’t have so much an immigration problem as we have an assimilation problem. Numbers are imporant, but it needs to be remembered that this is supposed to be a fully functional country based on principles of freedom, liberty and opportunity, not a subway car to fill to maximum capacity; “square feet per occupant” is a specious and juvenile rejoinder from those who have lost sight of what America is supposed to be.

    Successful assimilation requires a number of things, among them immigrants not just participating in the economy but establishing – and owning – a stake in it; subscribing to and engaging in the culture of a “long term societal owner” rather than simply a grifter here for the money or an education for their kids (the nearly $30 billion “sent back” to the invaders’ homelands every year establishes it as a grift), and; establishing personal responsibility for their performance in the society in which they have chosen to live.

    This ties back to the ongoing culture war; whomever wins that war will determine what our country winds up looking, and acting, like. The goal, on one side, is to change it from our country to their country, disestablishing “societal ownership” as a foundational culture component and replace it with “participating occupant.”

    And, to aid in the process of assimilation, it is not unreasonable to establish, and strictly enforce, a moratorium on all immigration, from southern border walk-ins to H1B imports and hires and everything in between.

    For how long? Probably a lot longer than many, perhaps most, would consider reasonable: 25 to 40 years. This would provide time, and the incentive, for development of the necessary resources and cultural transformation to achieve stability. Your business needs expert programmers, or design engineers, or architects, or aerospace engineers? Work with local and regional educational facilities to develop, implement, and proof th eeducational infrastructure to create them. You need floor moppers or “bolt together” assemblers? Work to restructure the education industry to stop rewarding useless multi-year degrees promising greatness but delivering only debt, and the societal understanding, and acceptance that acknowledges differences in intelligence and ability among different people. Gosar’s proposal is worthless politcal masturbation, but it could offer the opportunity to get the immigration and assimilation issue out in the open where it caould be openly, and farily debated (don;t expect “fair,” though, if the Left can estabslish any level of control over the debate).

    Instead, we have PhDs serving coffee, members of both sexes pretending to be something else, and collapsing walkway bridges designed by skin color and gender rather than engineering skill.

    It’s your country – for the moment – so figure out what you want it to be – really want it to be -and how much effort you are willing to invest to make it that way; there are people investing a great deal of effort to make it the way they want.

    • Assimilation is occurring – the question is, who is being assimilated?

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